Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 121 Acquisi International - Issue 7 2020 65 Nov19346 Based in the northeast of England, Cornerstone Business Solutions is a multi-award winning firm focused on the delivery of top-quality IT services. Priding itself on the excellence of its customer service, it is little wonder that the firm has been named 2020’s Most Outstanding IT Services Company - Northeast England for its exceptionality. Join us as we discover more about what makes this company one of the finest in the northeast of England. artnering with global technology brands from all over the world such as IMB, Lenovo, Microsoft, Cisco, Mitel, and BT, Cornerstone Business Solutions is wholly committed to providing clients with cutting-edge business and mobile communications services. Communication is the world today is a vital part of so many businesses, and so any solution must be reliable, robust, and supported by individuals who are experts in the design, implementation, and maintenance of those communication systems. Technological capabilities are also just as crucial a part of business as communication, ensuring that clients and customers alike can get in touch with an expert at a moment’s notice. That is what Cornerstone Business Solutions offers; unparalleled technology solutions that help ensure companies are ready to deliver their best service to customers across the northeast. It isn’t just this latest success from Acquisition International that has proven Cornerstone Business Solutions to be an exceptional firm, however. In following a tried and tested process designed to dovetail its services with its clients’ unique business needs, the firm has reached new heights of service through the various awards it has won. The business has been the recipient of awards such as Best Service Company, Best New Business, and the Service Award, and has also been recognized for its contribution to local business by the Mayor of Stockton himself. Winning these awards is no small feat, and is a fitting testament to how well the firm keeps its service levels high. No job is too big or too small, evidenced by the fact that it has been the Official Technology Partner of Middlesbrough Football Club since 2015. Whether a client is in need of outsourced IT support, a lead supplier for world-class hardware, or cloud-based storage solutions, Cornerstone Business Solutions can do it all. Technology permeates almost every area of business today, and so enlisting the services of Cornerstone Business Solutions is the perfect way to ensure that every facet of a client’s business is up to technological scratch. Its award-winning IT support services can help clients with outsourcing their network and second-line IT support systems, whilst the hardware solutions are world-class in acquiring the latest gear from manufacturers such as IBM, Lenovo, Apple, HP, and Cisco. Even telephones are technological now, something that many businesses perhaps take for granted. Cornerstone Business Solutions specialises in the expert supply and maintenance of leading brands such as Mitel, Avaya, Samsung, and Panasonic, whilst its mobile solutions ensure extensive coverage for every requirement, including national and international calls and data. Should things unfortunately go wrong, and they do, Cornerstone Business Solutions has a P Securing Technological Cornerstone of Business Company: Cornerstone Business Solutions Ltd. Contact: Chris Petty Website: solution for that too. Ironstone is its lightning-quick recovery service, aimed at restoring business continuity after any disaster. One of the key ways that business continuity can be assured is through cloud- based data storage solutions, enabling businesses to store data in a secure off-site location in case of emergency. Cornerstone Business Solutions provides servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and more for its clients. Beyond the telephones and the technology, Cornerstone Business Solutions aims to cover almost every area of business life with its services. The firm offers discounted rates on all Sage accounting, payroll, and stationary products for use in the office, whilst also partnering with industry-leading printer and photocopier manufacturers Ricoh and Xerox for maximum benefit to clients. Armed with everything they could possibly need for the perfect modern working space, clients of Cornerstone Business Solutions are well and truly looked after. As technology continues to play a vital role in the development of businesses, employees, and the concept of workspaces themselves, having a partner who understands technology can really make a difference. Cornerstone Business Solutions is that partner, delivering excellent customer service time after time with a keen understanding of how using technology in the right way can impact businesses in hugely positive ways. 2020’s Most Outstanding IT Services Company - Northeast England