Global Excellence 2020

118 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 8 Acquisit on International - Issue 10 2020 Aug20339 Company: Boston Group of Companies Contact: Dr Jayshan Keejoo Website: Email: ince being formed, the Boston Group of Companies (BGC) has been inspired by a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, and it embeds its purpose principles and values in all new and existing business ventures or investments. BGC offers professional services in diversified sectors, including education, legal mediation and arbitration, training and consultancy, technology, and holistic health to name but a few. Working with carefully selected business partners, BGC leverages its own brand expertise and customer-centric approach to provide a unique and unparalleled customer experience. The professional’s services are tailored to help organisations and individuals. Not only to address today’s challenges, but also to forge them for future opportunities. BGC is driven to address the opportunities and challenges unique to each business. With its holistic approach and entrepreneurial mindset, BGC supports corporate clients with their growth strategy and international development. The mission remains the same as it has since BGC came into being, to provide innovative, agile, and sustainable solutions that enable strategic development and growth for clients across the economies. BGC’s vision supports this also, as the firm aims to be a game changer and partner of choice delivering distinctive solutions outpacing disruption. Principles and ethics guide the firm, but its values are what customers are on the receiving end of every single day, and they are trust, passion, affordability, proactivity, and accountability. The founder of BGC is Dr Jayshan Keejoo, a well-experienced professional in various fields, always promotes teamwork around him. It took the Founder more than 2 decades of intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial experiences in order to reach this stage. As a dynamic and motivated executive corporate trainer and change agent specialist with a proven track record of generating and building relationships, there are few better individuals for spearheading a business that Dr Jayshan. Having come from a background with years of hands-on experience as a leader and executive for leadership and organizational development and effectiveness, Dr Jayshan is proficient at delivering exactly what his clients through BGC need. Throughout his career, he has tried and been successful at extracting the best from his clients and participants by giving his absolute best for them first. Dr Jayshan uses his skills from years in multiple different industries and roles to be the leader that BGC needs him to be in this day and age. Dr Jayshan is also a fellow of the Institute of Directors Uk and India and that of the Chartered Management Institute and well- known International Arbitrator regulated from the ABA. In his work, Dr Jayshan has dealt with many high-profile cases on an international level, and also owns the Boston Management and Law Business S We at Acquisition International aim to recognise excellence in businesses all over the world, and today we recognise the work of Boston Group of Companies. A values and culture-driven organization that is built on a solid foundation of principles and ethics, there are few more worthy winners of the 2020 Award for Excellence in Business & Legal Consulting than Boston Group of Companies. Following the firm’s achievement, we take a closer look to learn more about just why it won the award. Helping Build Up Boston’s Businesses School, which provides undergraduate and postgraduate study degrees to students around the globe. However, his work at BGC is just as phenomenal, and he ensures that the firm remains committed and engaged in everything it does. His staffs likes him for his role in putting himself for employee engagement as his end of yearly festive is just a wow. Always striving for loyalty and passion, BGC earns customers for life. It creates unparalleled customer experiences by setting the pace with its innovative and agile mindsets and approach. Dr Jayshan has cultivated a workplace where staff are empowered to create sustainable solutions that improve the communities in which people evolve. However, at BGC, staff not only worship their work and commitment to clients, but it also takes the time to reflect as a group on what the values mean to personal lives as well as professional lives. As such, one day a year is set aside for an offsite reflection. Ultimately, BGC is an outstanding firm that supports local communities and massive corporates as though they were the same. Despite going through the COVID-19 crisis, BGC has also re-engineered it style and system of work towards a more digital style. All doors are open in search of greater opportunities, as BGC is determined to not rest on its laurels and instead pursue even bigger and better success. 2020 Award for Excellence in Business & Legal Consulting