Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 115 Acquisi International - Issu 1 2020 Real estate, whilst an incredibly exciting time full of possibilities, can also be an extremely stressful time full of uncertainties. Having the support of a proven, trusted, and exceptional real estate agency can be the difference between finding a great home, and finding a dream home. To discover how Barton Fleming Estate Agents has been named Oxfordshire’s Most Outstanding Estate Agency for 2020, we profiled the firm. ased in Bicester, Barton Fleming brings more than twenty- five years of real estate experience, through its partners, to the residents of Oxfordshire looking to move home. With experience in selling and letting property in and around the town of Bicester, the agency are the perfect partner in acting on behalf of sellers and buyers within the property industry. Matching together the right buyer with the right property, or the right landlord with the right tenant is such a key decision that the experience of Barton Fleming is what stands them apart as truly exceptional. The town of Bicester represents the perfect place for Barton Fleming to be established as a real estate agency, as it is one of the fastest-growing towns across the entirety of Oxfordshire. A historic market town, Bicester has seen an influx of development thanks to its proximity to the M40 motorway, which connects the town to two of the most major cities in the United Kingdom in the form of Birmingham and London. The knowledge of Bicester’s growth and insight into the surrounding villages has enabled Barton Fleming to strategically grow at the same time as the town, helping find the perfect solution to any real estate situation. Whether buyer or seller, landlord or tenant, Barton Fleming’s extensive database of property that is available across Oxfordshire is sure to house something for everyone. The sales team are dedicated to property for sale, including houses, bungalows, flats, apartments, studio flats, retirement properties, cottages, and new- build developments to name but a few. Not limited to Bicester, the team work hard to match buyers with the right property in all of the surrounding villages which are also close to the M40. Upon working with a client, the team at Barton Fleming take a far more personalised approach rather than simply relying on digitalised systems. Every member of staff brings a wealth of real estate experience in the industry, helping to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect from the beginning. Having been present in the industry for so long, each staff member also helps contribute towards Barton Fleming’s outstanding reputation, which in turn helps clients feel secure. The desire to put clients first and help them find a dream home has led to the firm getting a lot of new business from glowing personal recommendations. Throughout the real estate process, clients’ needs can often change or they become more aware of what they would like from a property they are seeking to buy, sell, or rent. One of the core elements to Barton Fleming’s service that continues to set them apart from the competition is the ability to offer a tailored service that can meet those ever-changing needs. Taking the time to get to know clients Oxfordshire’s Outstanding Estate Agency B ensures a much more personal service, rather than a one-size-fits- all approach that does not deliver exceptional results. However, the real estate industry is not without its challenges at present. 2019’s uncertainty around Brexit has meant that people are more cautious with their real estate plans. With that ambiguity set to continue for a while yet, the team at Barton Fleming remain as laser- focused as ever on providing an excellent service in spite of it. Every member of staff brings a wealth of different skills and strengths, and making them work accordingly has propelled the agency to even greater levels of success in a difficult time. In spite of the challenges posed by Brexit and market uncertainty, both Bicester and Barton Fleming continue to grow with great success. With a team of seasoned professionals, and an uncompromising determination to help every client get exactly what they want from a real estate experience, Barton Fleming is surely set to continue achieving new heights and even greater levels of success. Company: Barton Fleming Ltd. Contact: Melanie Ash Website: Nov19530 Most Outstanding Estate Agency 2020 - Oxfordshire