Global Excellence 2020

112 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 22 Acquisit on International - Issue 4 2020 Jan20502 Tremendous Technological Triumph Technology is currently playing a major role in society, changing the way in which people live and work. It’s a time of immense choice, which can be overwhelming. Leading the way forward in making the complex simple is AdEPT, with a talented team guiding companies and firms of all sorts to find a technology or telecoms solution that suits their needs. Having achieved such incredible success in this year’s Global Excellence Awards as Most Outstanding Telecoms Integration Solutions Provider 2020 - UK, we turn our attention to this amazing company to find out more. ince being established in 2003, AdEPT has grown into one of the most impressive providers of managed services. Using technology to inspire people into the future, the 300-strong team has gone a long way to ensuring that organisations across the UK have been able to engage with new possibilities and achieve success. The work that AdEPT undertakes varies enormously from customer to customer, but the team has developed the business into one that specialises in unified communications, telecoms, IT and cloud centric solutions. By focusing on these key aspects of business, they have been able to provide important and expert knowledge to clients. The world of technology can seem bafflingly complex, drawing on networking, communication and technology to create seamless business solutions. Often being able to take advantage of these solutions is the key to ensuring the future of businesses. That said, with such amazing speed being made in technology developments, it pays to have an expert in the room to which you can refer. AdEPT is that expert, taking the mystery out of new developments such as The Internet of Things, 5G, AI, Unified Communications and the Cloud. Instead, the solutions proposed by AdEPT look to capitalise on the incredible potential available in a pragmatic and cost-effective way. The aim is simple: to be a proven technology partner to companies. The AdEPT team has made it a point not only to know about the latest technologies on offer, but to be able to find the one which matches the needs of its clients most. Still a relatively small company, the size of the business means that each client can be treated individually, and this is key to the firm’s success. No two organisations are the same – it would be impossible to provide the same solution to Coca Cola as it would the Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance – so the team ensure that every single solution is one that is bespoke, specific and provides maximum benefit and efficiency to the client. One of the solutions that is on offer from the company is AdEPT Nebula, with the capacity to provide businesses with a range of voice, networking, communications and cloud based solutions. Thanks to the carrier-class MPLS network and a high availability IT infrastructure that comes with the solution, businesses can focus on their trade and leave the technical problems to the experts. The Multi-Point Networks (MPLS) network is just one of the factors that really sets AdEPT apart S as a business. Operating nationwide, it is a resilient network, with diverse routing to the Internet, ensuring great uptime and performance providing scalability and resilience, diverse internet through multiple tier 1 carriers, the ability to peer with leading Cloud providers, high availability Storage Area Network (SAN) as well as multi-site VMware environment for voice and IT services. This industry leading suite of solutions means that, through one connection, a massive range of services can be easily accessed. Like any business, it is clients who ensure the best possible results. There are not many companies that are able to count the Kent NHS, Great Ormond Street, Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance, the London Grid for Learning, Somerset House, Coca Cola and the Houses of Parliament amongst its clients, and less still that are able to demonstrate the positive outcome of the team’s work when all is completed. In the last fifteen years, the team have been able to help 12,000 organisations to find a technical solution that was far from complex, and able to make a real difference. The team has built great relationships with some of the world’s leading technology brands, including Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, Avaya, Fortinet, Gamma, BT and Virgin. It’s one of the many ways in which the team manages to stay at the forefront of every development in the industry. Of course, clients would not receive the incredible service for which AdEPT has become renowned if it weren’t for the hardworking staff that work tirelessly to ensure that every day clients are satisfied in their new solutions. Former CEO and Founder, Ian Fishwick, would often say that he had never seen a happy member of staff give bad service, and this simple principle of satisfaction in the workforce leading to satisfied clients has always held true. In this modern world having a depth of talent to deliver sophisticated & varied technological solutions is crucial. AdEPT’s success is a result of this depth of skill coupled with a powerful motivation to do a great job for clients. Looking forward, there is a great deal of potential in the work that AdEPT undertakes. It goes without saying that the way in which business and industry works is changing rapidly, and staying on top of these technological revolutions is a major challenge. The motto of the company is ‘Carpe Diem!” or, “seize the day!”. AdEPT has a hunger to learn, a humble ethos and a desire to deliver value. These principles are key to future success. Most Outstanding Telecoms Integration Solutions Provider 2020 - UK