Global Excellence 2020

108 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2020 9 Contact: Ferras El Hajjar Website: unctioning as a gateway to digital transformation for many companies operating in the UAE today, Infosysta is an agile and digital transformation expert, multi-national software integrator, and Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner in the Middle East. For companies that are looking at targeting seamless digitalisation in the near future, Infosysta can provide a highly-experienced and trained team of business-focused problem-solvers, developers, and experts to help. Established in 2012, Infosysta has grown over the last eight years to now be present in six countries, showcasing its high levels of activity across the EMEA region. Across those countries, the firm boasts a large portfolio and a network of more than 120 experts who all stand ready to help clients in any way possible. As the Middle East is still a relatively young and emerging market in the era of agile and digital transformations, Infosysta has the chance to establish dominance as the driving force behind a truly radical change. The experts that Infosysta supply can put the world of software into a client’s hands, opening up a world of opportunity like no other. These experts can deliver a myriad of services, from fully customized solutions and consultancy, to integration, support, and training services to help clients get to grips with new software and technology. Beginning in the Middle East, the firm has sought to add value to corporates in their digital transformation endeavours, guiding them through the best software to use, and the best solutions for individual needs. Now, almost eight years on. As a certified partner of Australian software development firm Atlassian, Infosysta can also supply its clients with leading apps such as tracking software JIRA, and the template software Confluence. By being innately linked to Atlassian software, the firm can deliver truly helpful and insightful consultancy, business process engineering, implementation, integration, full customization, change management, training, and support for companies look to digitalise. Staff at Infosysta can benefit from a hugely positive culture and working atmosphere, where every member of the team from the top-down is wholly transparent about ongoing and future strategies, objectives, and team contribution goals. Communication breeds collaboration, and the firm is set to capitalise on this collaboration by investing heavily into its workforce. Employees are encouraged and empowered to develop soft and technical skills, and look forward to building a long-lasting career with Infosysta. Having also partnered with several leading universities from across the EMEA region, the firm has ensured its longevity through the raw talent coming through. F Digitalisation is becoming more than just an added bonus for firms operating in the world’s various industries today; it is now a necessity. With more people accessing a screen than ever before, digital transformation is imperative for those wishing to keep up in an ever-faster business world. For those operating in the UAE, Infosysta can help, since being named the Best Agile Transformation Consultancy 2020 in Acquisition International. Find out more about the firm as we shine a light on its exceptional work. Gateway To The Digital Era In a world that is increasingly linked in the cybersphere, businesses cannot afford to not be. The opportunities are endless, and the potential for collaborative growth is absolutely second to none. As Infosysta looks to expand into new countries across the Middle East and Africa, and target the tripling of its growth, the future is one of equally exciting potential. Businesses today face a choice; digitalise, or get left behind in the wake of technological innovation. Infosysta is here to help businesses make the right choice, and stay competitive in their respective industries. Jan20344 “...the firm has sought to add value to corporates in their digital transformation endeavours, guiding them through the best software to use, and the best solutions for individual needs. Now, almost eight years on.” Best Agile Transformation Consultancy 2020 – UAE