Global Excellence 2020

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2020 103 20 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2020 fter graduating from the University of Maryland with a BS in Health Education in 1983 and receiving a BSN from Georgetown University Nursing School in 1985, Cathleen Beerkens spent many years in various positions in Emergency Rooms and High-Risk Labour and Delivery units. Upon moving to Amsterdam with her family in 1996, Cathleen discovered many different forms of alternative medicine and realised her western medical background was lacking solutions that promoted holistic healing. Recognising the power and positive changes of ancient and modern healing techniques and the value of dietary adjustments and emotional and energetic healing, Cathleen has spent over two decades studying and researching holistic practices. In 2018, she decided to share her expertise. A Wellness Revolution was founded with a desire to globally impact the transition of the changing healthcare industry by training and certifying Health and Wellness Coaches from a holistic perspective. In an intensive six-month online course, coaches are educated in integrating the understanding and complexity of connections between the body, mind and spirit. Focusing on cultivating an understanding of the Sciences of Epigenetics, Neuroscience and Glycobiology, students develop a robust definition of self-care and are exposed to the importance of cellular health and wellbeing and its relationships with modern lifestyles. Operating via online platforms, A Wellness Revolutions invests personal time into each student, teaching them new sciences that reveal the importance of wellness as much more than simply physical health. Many of the mentors on the A Wellness Revolution team have established successful careers within the Health and Wellness sector or as Practitioners themselves. Predominantly based in the Netherlands, the team is a celebration of diversity united in the distribution of knowledge surrounding holistic wellness. The six-month course prepares Health and Wellness coaches to work in the healthcare field either as independent entrepreneurs or working with doctors, hospitals and insurance companies. Upon completion of the program, students can work on an official credential of ACC with International Coach Federation (ICF). Accredited by ICF and with a pending Approval for Health and Wellness Coach Training & Education Program by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC), as well as accreditations by the KTNO and CMA in Europe, A Wellness Revolution is well equipped to offer their students the best start in their own wellness journeys. The company has also established a continuing education program to support students as they become more independent and transition into their chosen career paths. Combined with their YouTube channel A As the way in which we look after our minds and bodies becomes more important to the worldwide population, many are looking to holistic solutions in an attempt to integrate the understanding and complexity of the connections between the Body, Mind and Spirit. A Wellness Revolution was founded in 2018 by nurse and health educator, Cathleen Beerkens, to train and certify wellness and health coaches from a holistic perspective using an intensive six-month course. Jun20193 Join the Revolution that reaches a global community, AWellness Revolution is committed to extending their service beyond the six-month course, helping people across the globe to find and maintain balance in their lives. The adoption of technology and social media platforms such as YouTube has and continues to be vital to the success of A Wellness Revolution. As the team looks to the future, their plans include growth and development, but with continued conscientious care for each of their students. Fundamental to A Wellness Revolution’s success is their ability to share their extensive knowledge with their loyal clients. As the healthcare industry witnesses innovative transformations, A Wellness Revolution is more than ready to facilitate the revolution. Contact: Cathleen Beerkens Company: A Wellness Revolution / Wellness Coach Institute Web Address: A Wellness Revolution is committed to extending their service beyond the six-month course, helping people across the globe to find and maintain balance in their lives. Best Online Health & Wellness Coaching Company 2020 - Netherlands