Global Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 7 Nov19099 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 1 2020 21 Francorp : The Franchising Leaders Francorp was the brainchild of Donald Boroian. Twenty years of trials and errors working on cases for clients in corporate management, convinced him that there was no well-structured form of franchising system. Since nobody was giving an answer, he provided one himself. Over 44 years later, the result now has more than 25 regional offices covering 55 countries in several continents. Francorp has been an unarguable success. We decided to take a closer look at the company to find out more about how they did it. stablished in 1976, Francorp has produced more than 7000 full franchise programs for over 16,000 businesses counting McDonald’s as its first client with a number of other well-known brands in a vast range of sectors included in their long and illustrious client list. Designed as a company to find those special businesses that could benefit from franchising, then providing the strategies and services that will enable to them to optimize the concept, Francorp has been an enormous success. For the most part, franchised concepts are known to be popular in the F&B industry, although other sectors such as automotive, retail and services have also benefited from the wisdom provided by Francorp. With the help of their qualified and experienced team, clients at Francorp can take advantage of coordinated strategic planning, legal services, operations advice, marketing consultancy, and training and support services, all under one roof. Francorp’s services are many ranging from to existing franchisors, master franchisees and business exploring the possibility of franchising. This is done by firstly developing their franchise structure and assisting them in becoming a strong franchise business through formulating their franchise strategies, financial plans, legal structure & agreements, operations manual and marketing. This turnkey solution is how Francorp have made their name in the market, assimilating themselves into a company and learning what is really needed. It allows Francorp to save clients time, money and the stress of having to manage a complete operation on their own. Francorp looks out for brands that are well-established or offering a unique product or service know about, especially in the early stages of development to ensure that appropriate restructuring is undertaken to reduce costs and maximize productivity. Instead of targeting specific types of business or companies, Francorp look out for brands that are running well or offering a unique product or service that would fit the population both at home and away in international markets. After 44 years of success, some would expect Francorp to be consolidating their position, but the company is currently looking at expansion across certain untapped regions in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe, with a hope to maximize their market presence in these areas. This should prove invaluable to their current clients as Francorp will be able to support their expansion plans too. An area of interest when it comes to expansion is within the Middle East. Despite the ongoing political situations that act as a major threat to the conditions that make for a stable economy, it is still growing rapidly, with an increasing group of potential franchisors and franchisees to match franchisers and franchisees to match. As other companies move to provide their own brand of franchise consultancies, Francorp are ready to embrace the challenge of lifting their already lofty standards. Measures have already been taken to maintain a strong position in the market, leveraging the abundance of knowledge Francorp has built up over the years. Franchising can be one of the most effective techniques in the growth of a business in any sector but getting it right from the start is critical to any development. There are very few organizations that have the experience, drive and enthusiasm for the job as Francorp. Company: Francorp Web Address: Telephone: 00971 4 346 5000 E “For nearly 45 years, Francorp’s role has been to discover special businesses, determine how they can benefit from franchising, and then provide the strategies and services that enables them to optimize their concept” - Imad Charaf Eddine, Francorp ME Chairman & CEO