Global Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 69 Acquisition International - Issue 2 27 Jan19350 IronFX is an award-winning global multi-asset broker, offering 10 cutting-edge trading platforms and over 200 tradable instruments: forex CFDs, spot metals, futures, shares, spot indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies. We profiled the firm and spoke to the marketing team, which provided us with a detailed insight into the inner workings of the firm and the services they offer clients. Contact: Company: IronFX Address: 12th Floor, Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London, EC2A 2EW Telephone: +44(0) 203 282 7777 Website: Helping to Make Informed Trading Decisions stablished in 2010, IronFX specialises in the financial area, covering its main sectors: Forex trading, investment, portfolio management and crypto trading. The firm is serving to a significant database of over 1.2 million clients and provides clients with the best trading environment to ensure the highest level of satisfaction is achieved. Speaking of clients, IronFX customers can benefit from round-the- clock coverage delivered by one of the world’s largest and most accomplished global client coverage teams. The IronFX customer- centric model offers top trading functionalities through its platforms combined with the widest suite of products at the best pricing and execution. Daily market news feed and insightful research give clients access to the latest industry related information and data to build successful trading strategy. Going into further detail about the clients they serve, IronFX`s marketers begin by informing us how they approach new clients and ensure fulfilling clients` requirements and expectations. “Our database consists of both retail and individual clients interested in trading forex CFDs, spot metals, futures, shares, spot indices, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Why they chose us? We are ensuring they are getting the latest industry news to make their own decisions with fundamental and technical analysis, expert forecasts, crucial events and predictions prepared exclusively by the IronFX experts. “Additionally, each and every one of our clients can benefit from the enormous database with forex educational materials, webinars, seminars, instructional videos and eBooks. IronFX is offering direct access to the top tier financial institutes, ensuring that all money procedures are protected and fast. Furthermore, each client at IronFX has their dedicated account manager who is always ready to assist.” At IronFX, the firm believes that the numbers are talking better than words. The firm has an established database of 1.2 million clients, which is continuously growing, with more customers joining IronFX to benefit from the numerous advantages which they are offering. “For more than nine years in the market, IronFX is identifying and implementing the best trading conditions which are essential for our clients: we are ensuring a variety of trading tools for clients’ satisfaction, offering the latest security technologies to ensure accounts` safety and providing 24/5 multilingual award-winning customer support.” A dedicated and passionate team of talented individuals who form the backbone of IronFX is working behind the scenes to ensure that E deadlines are met, and goals are achieved. When discussing the internal culture, the marketing team was delighted to highlight what a significant role IronFX`s employees play in the overall success of the award-winning firm. “IronFX is an international company, and each of our offices consists from different departments: legal, marketing, HR, account management, business development, web development, a research team, system administrators, analysts and accountants. The market today is very competitive, and we are proud of the expert people we attracted.” “Every team member in our company is an essential element of the global mechanism called IronFX, which is producing the highest quality product for our clients. That’s why our employees are an essential part of the company, and it was a tremendous job to gather such professional people under one roof.” Bringing the interview to a close, the team signs off by revealing what the future has in store for the firm, touching on the goals the team hope to achieve in the upcoming year, especially following their recent success in Acquisition Intl.’s 2019 Global Excellence Awards where they were awarded the accolade Most Outstanding Online Trading Solutions Provider 2019. “According to the latest reports by our expert research team, the year 2019 brings a lot of trading and investment options. Currently, we are launching a new campaign to share our exclusive IronFX 2019 Year Ahead report, which will consist of the latest forecast and in-depth industry analysis. Our main aim is to ensure that our clients are making informed decisions while they are trading. Most of all, we are sure that sharing such kind of insight information is very important for our industry and will be beneficial for our clients.” Jan19350