Global Excellence 2019

40 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 Dec18363 24 Issue 2 2019 EcoGenR8 Limited is a development company specialising in creating cleantech that will revolutionise the waste water space. Having recognised the firm in this year’s AI Global Excellence Awards as Leaders in Cleantech Commercialisation – UK, we decided to profile it and showcase the secrets behind its phenomenal success. ince its inception in 2010, EcoGenR8 has been concentrating on the creation and commercialisation of cleantech innovation for products and services targeted specifically at the water and marine sectors. Today, the firm’s innovative solutions encompass everything from energy generation to sludge dewatering. The company’s specialist knowledge allows it to have a client-based approach, ensuring it provides every client with high standard solutions to the problems they are facing. This focus on client service sets EcoGenR8 apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best possible option for clients, many of whom describe the firm’s approach as ‘a breath of fresh air’. Operating in a saturated market, client service and distinction are vital, and as such at EcoGenR8 the team are proud and excited to be able to recognise that the skills it holds can benefit its clients and to be at the forefront of this industry. The team at EcoGenR8 are not driven solely to sell technology but to solve problems in the most effective way; in some cases, this may mean a very simple operational change. Additionally, EcoGenR8 is also diverse in its approach to technology and is at ease collaborating with other companies to ensure that it can offer the best solution to its valued clients. This collaborative approach extends not only to EcoGenR8’s clients and industry peers, but also to its team, who are the backbone of the firm’s phenomenal success. The company boasts a relatively small but highly skilled and experienced team where each person plays a vital role. The team includes engineers, scientists and commercial managers with extensive consulting and contracting experience. Everyone at EcoGenR8 believes that the development of the next generation of innovators and engineers is crucial, and as such the company employs an active apprenticeship programme in place as well as a programme of delivering career talks to local junior schools. Developing The Technology Of Tomorrow, Today Company: EcoGenR8 Limited Name: Abigail Field Address: Unit 12 Stratfield Park, Elettra Avenue, Waterlooville, PO7 7XN, United Kingdom Phone: 02392267322 Website: S Working closely together, the team at EcoGenR8 have a very open culture with a relaxed approach to working which they find is the most successful way to develop a team that is happy and encourages innovation. The team regularly debate possible problems and solutions that frequently lead to the formation and development of new ideas. As such, they are able to offer their clients the benefit of their combined wisdom and expertise. Looking back, the past two years has seen considerable growth for the company as a number of its innovative solutions have been adopted by the market, and the firm’s ability to both develop and deliver in a flexible manner is being recognised as a key benefit to its water utility clients in particular. Seeking to build upon this success, moving forward EcoGenR8’s overall goal for the next 12 months is to have commercialised an additional number of its own inhouse solutions, which the firm is currently trialling. The team are confident that these solutions will deliver real benefits to the water sector to increase the energy production from biogas, reduce the costs associated with sludge dewatering and transportation, and reduce chemical dependence.