Global Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 267 36 Acquisition International - Issue 12 2019 Oct19528 hilst there are a wealth of digital tools available for powerful representation of crucial data through excellent visualisations, most of them are suited for narrow usage. Big multinational corporations work with huge amounts of data, devices, formats, sources, and platforms and having a versatile, one-size- fits-all visualisation technology approach has become increasingly necessary. That’s where AnyChart comes in, and offers a truly remarkable solution. Founded in 2003, the team at AnyChart began with a vision of making large quantities of operational data actionable, able to be used for powerful and insightful charts, maps, and dashboards. The firm has since developed its primary solution to become an award-winning, flexible, and easily usable JavaScript charting library that can be finely integrated into absolutely any development environment. With more than 70 varieties of chart types out of the box, from basic charts and stock graphs to Gantt charts and geographical and seat maps, clients have a wealth of options. Seamlessly working with all major technology stacks and databases, developers can use the core products of AnyChart to create custom-made data graphics unlike anything else on the market today. Delivering such compelling visualisations has seen the firm catapulted to success, having worked with some of the world’s largest companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Lockheed Martin, JPMorgan, AT&T, Bosch, Bank of China, and many more, as well as numerous startups, universities, government agencies, and NGOs from all over the globe. Once data has been incorporated and the visualisations themselves have been made, developers can go one step further. Each map, chart, or graph can then be embedded into websites, corporate business intelligence applications, mobile projects, or a myriad of SaaS or OEM products related to data analytics. It is this level of innovation and desire to capitalise on the data-rich era of today that has seen AnyChart’s family of products recognised as one of the best for interactivity, flexibility, and customisation in the industry today. This year has been especially exciting for the company as AnyChart has also made its solution available directly to business intelligence experts and data analysts. Within the framework of a technology partnership with Qlik, a global leader in BI and analytics, AnyChart launched dedicated intuitive extensions for Qlik Sense that have immediately become bestsellers. By seamlessly integrating into the Qlik environment and bringing more than 30 chart types (and counting), AnyChart has opened up a number of new charts to the W Charting the Course for Success Incomprehensibly large amounts of data are handled every day across a multitude of platforms and transforming that data into compelling visualisations that can nourish better, data-driven decision-making can be hard. However, we discover how American firm AnyChart have worked tirelessly to become the world’s Best in Cross-Platform Interactive Data Visualisation Solutions for 2019. Qlik community, as well as engaging with an entirely new set of users in addition to the previously earned customer base. Designed as a universal tool for creating interactive data visualisations, AnyChart enables web developers, and now end users, to be truly creative with their data representation and modification. Easily creating charts, maps, graphs, and dashboards that bring together data from a diverse range of sources, each finished piece is dynamic and unique in both look and feel to ensure that every client can be truly outstanding with their data visualisations. Company: AnyChart CEO: Anton Baranchuk Website: “...working with all major technology stacks and databases, developers can use the core products of AnyChart to create custom-made data graphics unlike anything else on the market today.”