Global Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 253 Acquisition International - Issue 11 2019 31 Jul19713 Teaching Technology Using unique and revolutionary technology, Intellatek is an innovative company that is supporting charter and private school technology. The firm’s knowledge and expertise has seen them crowned Nevada’s most innovative education technology solutions company for 2019 in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards 2019. Discover the reasons behind the organization’s success as we profile the company. ince the company’s humble beginnings, Intellatek has continued to establish themselves as a trusted partner for any school looking to upgrade their day-to-day technology needs. With a dedicated technical support team boasting more than twenty years of ongoing experience of delivering an extensive range of services and solutions, this organization has an unparalleled level of knowledge of technology, both past and present. Working with a range of technologies used throughout the education sector, the team at Intellatek can work to improve many different areas of education facilities. From remote support to onsite installations, to visitor management and hardware procurement, this firm is highly skilled in all their needs. One of the most effective tools in Intellatek’s repertoire is the aforementioned remote support. Understanding the challenges and obstacles that often happen on campus, the firm’s knowledge and expertise is just one click away. With swift efficiency, emergencies are quickly resolved and staff can resume teaching seamlessly. Hardware equipment used in schools is of vital importance in making sure that all levels of education run smoothly throughout the day. From inquiry to installation, Intellatek’s team of highly-trained technicians take away the time-consuming aspects of hardware procurement, even going so far as to arrange further discounts for bulk purchases from certain distributors. As part of the services that Intellatek deliver, any installed software can include a number of apps and programs, all designed to optimise education. Partnering alongside technology giants such as Microsoft and Google, the organisation offer a variety of products such as Lync, OneDrive and SharePoint. Proper communications platform, cloud- storage technology, and shared work platform respectively, allows students and teachers to collaborate in education, offering students the experience to use the latest technology. Other products that Intellatek offer range from email hosting, Student Information System support and configuration, Clever Integration, (SBAC, WIDA, MAP, ACT, i-Ready) Testing deployment and configuration, staff training, and reporting tools for office managers and administrative staff. Each product taps into a unique area of school life, and enhances it greatly with the use of innovative technology. Key to the success of any technology implementation across an organisation is efficient network management. Educational networks often have hundreds, if not thousands, of devices connected at any one time, so a well-designed network infrastructure is critical S to success. With fully-managed, enterprise-grade networking equipment, Intellatek offers both reliability and security across the whole network. With specialized firewalls, security in Intellatek’s networks protect students from outside attacks and unwanted Internet content. The strength of the network enables thousands of wireless devices to connect, including laptops, phones or tablets, whether they belong to teachers or students, personal or professional. Every single device requires no additional set-up, and yet still receives the same level of content filtering and network security. Each system is properly backed up both onsite and offsite to fully-monitored and prepared storage backups, to ensure that any disaster can be dealt with quickly and effectively. Ultimately, Intellatek is instructing teacher and schools on how to use the latest innovative technology to deliver the ultimate experience at educational facilities. Working to radically improve every area of education from recess and reading, to communication and collaboration, this Nevada-based firm is drastically improving the education landscape. Company: Intellatek Contact: JJ Christian Website: