Global Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 233 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2019 Aug19267 Whether designing a website, creating an application, crafting performance marketing strategies, or generating leads, Gigs Media is a digital agency that caters to the needs of esteemed clients. Having been named as one of India’s best full-service digital marketing and branding agencies, we explore the firm to understand more about its work and success. ormed in 2017 and headquartered in Mumbai, Gigs Media is a fully-fledged digital service agency that offers uninterrupted and seamless brand experiences for clients. Uncompromising in their dedication to deliver quality and attention for each brand their service, the company can take care of everything under one roof to deliver strong return-on-investment performances for client businesses. Operating as a performance marketing agency, Gigs Media work with businesses to help them reach their goals through a suite of 360-degree digital marketing services. Operating as an extension of their clients, the firm work as colleagues who want to understand and elevate digital presences to the next level. Working alongside an experienced team that is equipped with proven strategies, who are also enthusiastic about innovative ideas, can permeate clients businesses, and spread great ideas throughout a firm. Performance marketing campaigns orchestrated by Gigs Media can help clients complete specific goals such as closing a sale or converting leads. Businesses can expect to reach milestones much sooner and hit those precise results that they have been aiming for. The accountable team of performance marketing strategists work hard to ensure that clients can maximise their profits with definite outcomes. The suite of services that Gigs Media offer cover a wide range of aspects within digital marketing, more than just performancemarketing campaigns to help clients get the most out of their businesses. Search engine marketing tactics, mobile and web solutions, digital strategies, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and online reputation management are just a few ways in which this firm can help clients reach their goals. Within those areas, working as part of a business to help ensure that their success is felt across the business. If the clients succeed, then the firm succeeds and continues to earn repeat business and a reputation as a trusted partner. User experiences are key to making sure that a business can retain customer interest online. Creating user interfaces and experiences that are easy to use and navigate can help elevate a business’ growth, and make people want to interact more with them digitally. As a mobile and web development company, Gigs Media make sure to use the latest development tools to make it easy for target audiences to interact with a brand. Gigs Media can create personalised, digital experiences through their tech-savvy teams who can utilise the latest in web and mobile technology to do so. Clients use a variety of platforms to access websites nowadays, and it is imperative that they have a seamless user experiences across all of them to ensure ease of use. Indian Innovation F Social media marketing can also improve interactivity between businesses and their customers, giving them a platform to actively listen and respond to customer wants and needs. With the support of a powerful team of growth hackers, graphic designers, copywriters and social media geeks, clients of Gigs Media can use social media insights to improve their services and expand their business. Overall, Gigs Media’s success is down to their commitment to help not just their clients, but businesses as a whole and even their end-users. By creating uninterrupted, seamless brand experiences for clients through websites, applications, or performance marketing strategies, this Indian firm are truly innovating to push business growth across every industry. Company: GIGS Media Pvt. Ltd. Contact: Divesh Dhandar Website: “...working as part of a business to help ensure that their success is felt across the business. If the clients succeed, then the firm succeeds and continues to earn repeat business and a reputation as a trusted partner.”