Global Excellence 2019

218 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 Acquisition International - Issue 9 2019 65 Jul19635 Laying the Foundation for Success Having strong and trusted foundations is key to any building having structural integrity. Melior Structural Solutions is a structural engineering company that specialises in the design of precast building structures and conventional structural designs. As we examine the cornerstones of this businesses’ success, discover what makes them India’s best company for precast structural design services in 2019. ounded in 2012, Melior, which means “better” in Latin, was created with the aim to offer structural design services that better facilitated modern construction systems for the industry. Precast construction does enable production of concrete elements of buildings such as columns, beams, slabs and even foundations to be cast in a factory. Once cast and set, the firm then transport the materials to site, where they are assembled to construct the building in approximately half of the time than it may take to construct it in a conventional way. Just some of the services that Melior offer include structural design, coordination, field drawings and tools such as finite element modelling for analysis & 3D BIM modelling for detailing. The firm’s speciality lies in concrete buildings, especially those with precast construction methods. The firm provide structural design services for cast in-situ & precast construction methods and utilize 3D building information modelling (BIM) for the detailing. Precast & BIM is a niche segment across the Indian construction industry, with highly modern and innovative technology facilitating great change. The preparation phase is carried out with modelled 3D environments on advanced software rather than conventional 2D environment. This helps the firm provide clients with better visualisation, and a unique modern experience to the developers, architects, contractors and other relevant parties. F Some of the structural elements that Melior specialize in are prestressed hollow core slabs, lattice girder slabs, prestressed beams, spandrel beams, precast shear walls, precast double walls, precast columns, precast walls and precast footings. The structural components suggested above can be used in any residential, commercial, institutional, hotel, or retail type of buildings to achieve better quality, durability and speed of construction. Melior’s client base includes a variety of large-scale developers, contractors and architects looking for structural design services primarily in precast construction methods for their projects. Ongoing projects include a football stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and multiple residential towers across India. The firm are usually are approached by new clients based on references from existing clients and they strive to retain each client, creating a long-term serving relationship with them. In the short seven-year span since the company’s inception with no marketing departments, they have quickly established themselves one of India’s leaders in precast construction solutions, offering flexible and customisable designs and detailing, as per the needs of each unique client. Remaining true to their name, Melior’s continued success is down to them consistently seeking improvement and to better themselves. Speeding up construction times whilst offering cost-effective solutions, this innovative Indian firm are the cornerstone of success in the precast structural solutions industry. Company: Melior Structural Solutions Pvt Ltd. Contact: Sanjeev Sharma Website: Jul19635