Global Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 209 Acquisi International - Issu 9 2019 63 Jul19087 Canadian Company Create Collaborative Culture At a time where digitalisation is almost inevitable, companies need to make sure that they partner with a digital consultancy firm that truly knows what they are doing. TechBlocks, Inc. is a software consulting and product engineering company that delivers enterprising digital transformation across a multitude of platforms and services. As AI examines the firm, discover what makes them one of Canada’s most innovative digital product development firms in 2019. eadquartered in Toronto, TechBlocks is a digital product development firm that is aimed at unifying strategy, user experience design, agile development and continuous growth- centric product development. For over ten years, the firm’s passion has continued to be empowering innovators, change-makers, and enterprises at every level of the product life-cycle, with a key focus on digital transformation. By helping organisations close the gap between IT strategy and business, TechBlocks’ highly skilled techno-functional digital consultants help maximise existing IT investment whilst developing a strategic roadmap for scalable growth and evolution. Delivering digital transformation across web, cloud, mobile and managed services, the company serve the telecommunications, utilities, automotive, logistics, life sciences, and retail industries. Strategically focused on clients and their needs, TechBlocks’ agile delivery model ensures timelines are met whilst reducing overall costs. Technology is leveraged to help clients achieve competitive differentiation by a global network of more than 150 employees across the world. Holding themselves accountable to their clients key performance indicators, this firm generate tangible results that ensure security and governance, all while using the latest and greatest technology to keeping clients ahead of the game at every step. Through a keen awareness of business processes across a wide variety of industries and technical expertise with proven platforms and partners, TechBlocks bring client visions to life through innovative technology, scalable growth and outstanding customer service. Solutions are created up to three times faster than the industry norm in IT, through agile procedures, acceleration collaborators, and rapid product development. Consulting with clients, TechBlocks can help prove the viability of new ideas, before helping enterprise innovators and start-ups get there. Once proven, every client is partnered with a team developers and designers to engineer websites and applications that are specific to client needs. Agile support for mission critical applications is available, whilst helping IT evolve with dynamic business needs. DevOps, or development and operations, are utilised to maximum effect, automating the processes between software development and IT teams, to build, test, and release software faster and more reliably. Creating a culture of collaboration, this set of practices bring teams together that historically worked separately, to increase efficiency and generate greater results. “Solutions are created up to three times faster than the industry norm in IT, through agile procedures, acceleration collaborators, and rapid product development.” H At the heart of this firm’s success is their ability to bring clients visions to life quicker than their competitors, without losing any quality in the finished product. Using innovative technology, scalable growth, and outstanding client service, TechBlocks have firmly established themselves as one of Canada’s premier digital development companies. Company: TechBlocks Inc. Contact: Andres Arroyave Website: Jul19087