Global Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 179 Nov18901 Acquisition International - Issue 6 05 Nov18901 Moulding the Future Nick Maltby, of MTAG Composites based in Lincolnshire, tells us more about the company he founded and its core values, as the firm is commended in the AI Global Excellence Awards for 2018. TAG Composites is one of the leading manufacturers of phenolic and polyester fibreglass mouldings, and carbon fibre reinforced plastic mouldings, in the UK. The firm offers a diverse product mix for its clients within the aerospace, rail and leisure industries. With large manufacturing facilities, covering an area of 45,000 square feet, based at Coningsby, Lincolnshire, the firm employs more than 150 dedicated staff members, most of whom have more than 20 years hands’ on experience in the composite moulding industry. Managing Director, Nick Maltby, launched the company more than 10 years ago, in 2008. Today, MTAG Composites continues to prosper with continual investment, research and development of cost-effective in-house composite technologies and tooling. “I started an apprenticeship in GRP mouldings after leaving school in 1981, working for Fibrecast UK Ltd, and being promoted up to Technical Manager,” explains Nick. “I then left to set up MTAG Composites Ltd in 2008.” Originating from a small workshop manufacturing phenolic ammunition cases for submarines, within six months mouldings were being supplied to major customers within the UK Rail industry, which was soon to grow into an international customer-base. Nick tells us more about the product that MTAG Composites is renowned for. M “Fire resistant phenolic materials have a distinct advantage over other types of available resins, this is due mainly to a chemical structure that is unique and inherently fire resistant in event of a fire. Phenolic mouldings do not readily burn; smoke and toxicity levels are minimal. They also have marine environment properties, meeting the British Safety Standards required.” MTAG Composites utilises a range of moulding techniques, including wet lay-up, vacuum infusion and vacuum bagging. The firm also provides a full painting service and assembly, including fitting and bonding of frames, electrical products and ancillaries. “Our aim at MTAG is to provide our customers with a prompt and professional service,” enthuses Nick. “Not only this, but we want to continue to offer high quality products at competitive prices, and innovative solutions and prototyping. “We are also able to offer onsite consultations and be involved with research and development projects.” In fact, MTAG Composites can turn its hand to most customer requests. The firm’s production portfolio range is extensive, including producing parts for theme park fascias and fire protection panels for underground stations, such as Canary Wharf. Parts manufactured at the head office facilities in Coningsby have also been exported worldwide, to destinations including China, Japan, Spain and Italy, as well as being used widely within the UK. “MTAG Composites is dedicated to building long lasting working relationships with all of our customer base, which includes major companies within UK Rail, Aerospace and Leisure sectors.”