Global Excellence 2019

176 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 May19420 88 Acquisit on International - Issue 6 2019 May19420 Can Do has been one of the leading providers of solutions for resource and project management for almost an impressive 20 years. Recently, the firm found success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards where they were selected as the Most Outstanding Project Management Software Provider 2019 – Germany. On the back of this win, we profile the firm and caught up with Jens Steinbicker who provided us with a behind the scenes glimpse into the innerworkings of the successful company. stablished in 2000, Can Do is a software firm which helps midsized companies and groups across all industries to plan their projects in the light of the availability and skills of their staff. The software is based on AI-driven technology, whilst the User Interface is made of Apps and the software is available in the Cloud running on the powerful infrastructure of Amazon Web Services (AWS). The software for project management from Can Do checks in parallel whether sufficient capacities are available in a company, but also if these employees have the required skills to fulfill the needs of the specific project. Can Do’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) supports users in handling complex planning situations and simulates future projects in real time. In addition to this, Can Do is also available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace opening the door for smaller companies around the globe to test, buy and profit from the advantages of the Enterprise Software Can Do. Jens begins by going into further detail about Can Do, informing us of the areas the company specializes within. “Over the years, it has become apparent to us that artificial intelligence from Can Do will support people in multiple areas of their everyday work, not replace them. The software learns from the estimates, decisions and corrections of its users for questions relating to project selection, priorities and resources, as well as skill and risk management. Then, the software uses this information to produce analyses and recommendations for future plans. As a result, it is a learning process between the user and the software that benefits both sides.” “The reason being is that it will eventually integrate the users’ expertise from successful plans and make it available to all staff. It provides recommendations for action based on templates that have been proven multiple times over, giving users tips to help them plan in a goal-oriented way. Even the time recording app “Can Do Hours” is now giving recommendations to people how to organize their daily work.” Enabling the firm to deliver these services of Can Do standard software that are highly customizable by the customer is the hard- working and committed team which forms the backbone of Can Do. AI-Based Resource Management for Midsized Companies and Groups with Can Do E When discussing the internal culture, Jens is keen to highlight the significant role the team play in the overall success of the firm. “Here at Can Do, we have a team of very skilled people who form the backbone of the firm and who are the care part of our success.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, with the market flourishing due to the continuing megatrend for cloud computing, companies can now simply subscribe to a modern solution on the internet. As a result, this convenience opens up more potential for significant growth in both the international and home markets. Bringing the interview to a close, Jens signs off by revealing how Can Do will move forward with this recent advancement, as well as the exciting plans which lies in the pipeline for the firm. “Moving forwards, Can Do has expanded its cloud offering to the European Market as well as to the US and Asia Pacific. Part of the business model is Can Do’s offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace where small and midsized companies can test and buy the apps they need for their specific planning purposes. Lastly, Can Do will also use more services from AWS as for example the translation service etc.” Contact: Jens Steinbicker Address: Implerstraße 26, 81371, Munich, Deutschland Telephone: +49 89 51265-100 Web Address: “Then, the software uses this information to produce analyses and recommendations for future plans. As a result, it is a learning process between the user and the software that benefits both sides.”