Global Excellence 2019

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 169 Acquisi International - Issu 6 2019 17 be earned. One or the other attempts to imitate the REDNUX concept has not been very successful so far. 2018 was an exciting year for the air conditioning and refrigeration industry - also for REDNUX. In the first half of the new year, the company will hire 25 more new employees and there is no end of the expansion course in sight. Another big step in the direction of growth in 2019 is the move to a second company headquarter in Hannover-Lahe. In these new rooms, the programmers bundle their knowledge and the marketing department works on new corporate strategies. This puts the young team from Lower Saxony in a very good position to cope well with the coming challenges. Therefore, the REDNUX team sees no reason to rest - quite the contrary is the case. There are plans for changes, improvements, customer success, and expansion waiting to be carried-out. Company: REDNUX GmbH Web Address: “REDNUX has taken a new path and has developed an air conditioning planner, so that the customers can now also book and schedule a professional installation oftheir air conditioning system. The artisan receives order details and the correct assembly plan and arranges the appointment with the customer, all administrative tasks are performed by the company REDNUX.” Left to right: Markus Iwin, Eugen Volz, Jens Langenberg (Langenberg Ventures) and Sascha Reinisch Air Conditioning Start-Up Focuses on Digital Transformation in the Craft Market Most C tomer-Focused HVAC Suppl er 2019 - Germany