Global Excellence 2019

128 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2019 8 Acquisit on International - Issue 5 2019 Mar19439 First Steps Future Training provides support and encouragement to young people that have not worked since leaving school or who are non-attenders currently of school age. Following their success in AI’s Global Excellence Awards 2019, we profile First Steps Future Training and caught up with Training Manager, George Bruce who delivered a detailed insight into the outstanding training the organisation provides. stablished in 2012, First Steps Future Training offers practical training in a vast range of construction areas including joinery, paint & decorating, brickwork, pathways, drainage, manual handling and cable avoidance to name but a few. First Steps Future Training provides taster sessions with different areas of the building trade, allowing the learner to gain knowledge and the choice to concentrate within a particular field; they may ordinarily have not had the opportunity. By homing in on their strengths and building on them, it leads to, in many cases, gaining an apprenticeship, securing a college course or employment. Going into further detail, George begins by informing us of how the team cultivates an environment which is both productive and encouraging for learners to thrive within, as well as touching on how First Steps Future Training provides young people with the platform to build themselves a career. “Here at First Steps Future Training, we provide a safe and secure environment which is conducive to effective learning that empowers individuals. We challenge our young people with motivating tasks and activities which ensures they experience a smooth transition from one stage of training on to employment. Most of all, we provide a safe and secure environment conducive to effective learning that empowers individuals. “Our aim as a training provider is primarily based on passion not profit. Seeking to deliver a stepping stone for our learners who live within areas of high unemployment, deprivation, addiction and social exclusion, as well as working with young people who have been excluded from school, and are being cared for away from the family home. Often this means we have to address the local gang culture, within Glasgow, South Lanarkshire and surrounding areas, as we bring together the Young People into training centre. Over the years, we have worked closely with schools and have received referrals from several councils and social services where they can get the opportunity to experience many of our funded courses.” Enabling the organisation to provide these life-changing services, is the passionate, experienced and committed teamwhich forms the backbone of First Steps Future Training. When discussing the internal culture, George is keen to highlight the significant role the teamplay in the overall success of the organisation and how they help disadvantaged people to gain practical training to assist with their employment prospects, which supports a more equal and diverse work force. “The staff at First Steps Future Training play a vital part in the success of the training centre, as well as the success of our young people. Without their expertise and support we would not be able to provide an effective service for our clients. In addition to this, we would not have achieved all Providing the Initial Step to Success E that we have if we did not have the inter-professional team working here at First Steps Future Training.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at First Steps Future Training will continue to deliver their exceptional training to young people, providing them with employment prospects. Bringing the interview to a close, George signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the team at First Steps Future Training, especially following their success in Acquisition Intl.’s Global Excellence Awards 2019 where they were righteously awarded the accolade Best Non-Profit Youth Training Provider 2019 – Scotland. “Moving forward, we have big plans for 2019 and the future as hope that we can continue to be a success. We aim to open a new training centre to enhance the service that we offer and ensure no one is disadvantaged. We feel those who live rurally are being left behind and do not have equal access to the facilities offered in the city. This is why we aim to open a centre that targets the rural areas and offers the same support and opportunities that we offer here in the city. “Ultimately, at First Steps Future Training we hope to continue with the achievements which we have made so far in supporting and guiding our young people into jobs and apprenticeships.” Contact: George Bruce Company: First Steps Future Training Address: Unit 4, 141 Broad Street, Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G40 2QR Telephone: 01415541831 Web Address: Mar19439