AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

62 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 Lewben Wealth is an international provider of wealth management solutions for high net worth individuals. We are delivering full spectrum of professional services in the field of wealth & asset management, private banking, family office, business, financial, tax, legal and structuring solutions through exceptional and personalized approach. Our team is focusing on three aspects of wealth: creation, management and preservation. Lewben Wealth’s prime aim is to help its clients achieve their financial ambitions, both personal and corporate. ewbenWealth is a part of Lewben Group. Lewben Group is an international group of companies providing clients with asset, wealth, and fund management services, as well as financial planning services, legal, tax, business consulting, and accounting services. The group has offices in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), London (UK), Nicosia (Cyprus), New York (USA), and Vilnius (Lithuania). Business Philosophy Mission. Our mission is to create, manage and preserve clients’ wealth. Strategy. To provide lasting wealth management solutions through exceptional and personalized approach and highly professional services. Vision. Global provider of lasting wealth management solutions and value growth to high net worth individuals, their families, businesses & non-profit organizations. Lewben Art Foundation is a non-profit organization established to promote the development of art and culture. Its objectives include accumulation of visual artwork by Lithuanian artists, making it accessible to the public through national and international exhibitions, and collaboration with art critics, museums, galleries and foundations in both Lithuania and abroad. Wealth Management Creating and accumulating wealth requires years of tremendous effort and determination. Choosing the right wealth manager is critical in preserving and enhancing the value of portfolio, and guarding wealth for generations to come. Lewben Wealth works with high net-worth individuals, families, and corporate clients that require a trusted partner Company: Lewben Wealth Web: LewbenWealth L to manage their wealth. At Lewben Wealth, we listen to client’s needs, construct strategies that fit individual preferences, ambitions and objectives of each customer, and execute them. We offer complete discretion, genuine relationship and expert advice. Private Banking Services Servicing high net worth individuals is one of the key priorities for the development of Lewben | Wealth. We will look at your overall wealth picture, helping you to identify the most effective ways of achieving your wealth management goals. We provide services related to your needs, from personal finance management strategy development to your daily financial transactions. Our primary focus is the structure of your assets and investments based on your individual financial goals, and, of course, our proactive mutual relationship. Our Private Banking executives will take the time to understand your financial objectives and develop strategies just for you. We keep your interests front and centre, and carry out our work with complete discretion. Wealth Solutions Lewben Wealth possesses a wealth of knowledge of trust industry, and operates an extensive international network of partners in all major trust jurisdictions. We fully understand specific needs and concerns of the clients who would like to transfer their assets and wealth to a third party under deed or declaration of trust. They demand an absolute legal certainty, reliability, sincere cooperation and close interaction, something that Lewben | Wealth can truly deliver. We help clients to identify the principal concerns that will determine the right structure for a transaction. We can assist with marshalling a complex range of factors, including tax, legal, accounting and regulatory issues, that will need to be considered together. We create a feasibility plan to assess the chosen structure, and once this is confirmed as the right choice, we will provide continuous support throughout implementation. Family Office Services Lewben Family Office, a multi-department boutique providing financial, wealth, estate and business “Global provider of lasting wealth management solutions and value growth to high net worth individuals, their families, businesses & non-profit organizations.”