AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 61 Energy, Expertise and Commitment Indeed, we are continuing to implement our ambitious expansion plans across the world. deVere also opened its first offices in New Zealand in January this year, in the financial hub of Auckland. This follows the opening of our second office in Australia a year ago, in Sydney. As we move into new territories, break new frontiers and realise market potential, deVere will continue to provide market leading financial advice, products and services on a person and to create, grow and protect the wealth of clients wherever they may be in the world. Challenges and opportunities ahead The industry we’re in is in a state of continual flux. There are new opportunities in new frontier countries, but there are also challenges in terms of regulation and legislation. Change is good. We welcome complete transparency and stringent regulations. Our pioneering technology team ensures we’re always fully compliant in every jurisdiction in which we operate. Moreover, the global expat community is growing at an unprecedented pace as globalisation shrinks our world and more and more people are internationally mobile. Our objective is to be there for them, wherever they are and whenever they need us. Furthermore, client expectations are continually evolving. International investors are driving ever more sophisticated means of managing cross- border wealth and, as we provide them, our client base naturally becomes ever more expansive. Indeed, deVere aims to deliver a flawless service that, free from mistakes and misguided bias, puts its clients in the very best of financial positions.