AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 57 Your Partner for Legal Strategies Russell Advocaten is a full service law firm that resolves problems for entrepreneurs. The firm has been located in the financial heart and capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, for more than 70 years. Reinier Russell elaborates: “With vision, focus, attention, strategy, passion, daring and entrepreneurial spirit, we are always there for our clients. We provide prompt, high-quality legal services and render advice on a broad range of fields, including: corporate law, business formation and reorganisation; labour and employment law; real estate and lease law; contracts; and (commercial) litigation.” einier goes on to explain what it is that he believes sets the firm apart from others offering a similar service. “Russell Advocaten understands (foreign) entrepreneurs and retailers,” he says. “We are a one-stop law firm that assists entrepreneurs in resolving all issues concerning company structure, personnel, real estate, contracts and litigation. We offer one-on-one personal attention and dedication to our clients and short communication lines within our offices, and we also help our clients prevent legal procedures and high costs.” With regards to areas where the business is succeeding, Reinier has much to say. “Our real estate practice group is succeeding with sustainable solutions. For example, once Russell Advocaten did not win a pitch. A year later the (potential) client had to admit that our analysis had been correct from the outset, that our proposed strategy was the way to go and that our offer was competitive. That was the reason for the client in question to hire us as their lawyer afterwards. So notwithstanding the lost pitch, Russell Advocaten is always in for the long-term solution and not for a short-term gain that turns out negatively in the long run. During the past few years, we also have grown and improved our legal services at international level by our active membership in the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, a network of nearly 200 independent law firms in more than 40 countries. Through this membership we can provide our clients with access to legal services worldwide.” It is all about teamwork at Russell Advocaten and Reinier embellishes to tell us of the important role his team play in the overall success of the firm. “We always bring together a unique team of lawyers that cater to the particular needs of each client. Each team consists of partners, senior lawyers and young lawyers, combining vast experience, eagerness, strategy and out-of-the-box thinking. We can offer our client personal attention at all times and there are always team members with overall case knowledge available for each client. As a law firm, we invest a lot in knowledge and training of our legal staff so that we stay on top of the latest developments at all times.” Recently, Russell Advocaten was awarded the prestigious title of Most Outstanding Firm for Real Estate Disputes for The Netherlands in the 2016 Excellence Awards. Reinier tells us exactly what this accolade means to him and for the firm. “Real estate is one of the pillars of our services and we are happy that this is received positively and we are very proud to be a winner. But most of all, we are happy to hear that our clients appreciate our legal services and the way we work. “Over the past few years, many clients have sought the advice of Russell Advocaten on property and real estate issues. Russell Advocaten handles real estate issues in the Netherlands for enterprises from around the world on a day-to-day basis. We have a solid market share in the sectors fashion & luxury, IT, and embassies and consulates. We take care of retail real estate, shop-in-shops, mono brand stores for retailers, office property, permits, zoning plans. Within the real estate practice area, we also have a super-specialization in embassies and residences of ambassadors, including all international legal, safety and political aspects. The award acknowledges our approach and commitment in this area.” With regards to the future, Reinier has hopes and plans for the firm for 2017 and beyond. “The Netherlands is an appealing place to conduct business. So we hope to be able to serve even more Dutch and foreign clients in finding sustainable and legally secure solutions for the realisation of their entrepreneurial ideas. “We assist our clients in finding practical and directly applicable solutions based on their interests and to help them achieve their (entrepreneurial) goals. Our services are centered on individual attention for and dedication to our clients. In short, Russell Advocaten prevents and resolves problems for entrepreneurs.” Company: Russell Advocaten Name: Reinier W.L. Russell, LL.M.(Managing Partner) Email: Web: Address: Reimersbeek 2. 1082 AG Amsterdam, The Netherlands Phone: +31 20 301 55 55 Your Partner for Legal Strategies R 1702AI59