AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

56 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 Optimal Performance FSE Online Ltd is a search engine marketing company that offers a full suite of optimisation services for businesses in the UK and beyond. Danny Hall tells us more about the firm, its inception and how it is received by clients. ur agency has been active since October 2012 and we’re based in Great Baddow, Essex. “We work with an interesting mix of companies – we often take on projects for start-up firms and fledgling businesses, but we also work with a number of high profile businesses with a nationwide reach. Our strategies can be applied to virtually any company in any industry sector, so we get the opportunity to work on exciting ventures from all areas of business. “Our clients are always surprised at how approachable we are. Many of our clients have been burned by SEO companies in the past, so they are naturally a little dubious about handing over this crucial part of their marketing strategy to a third party, but we’ll sit down with them at the start of every campaign and run through our plans in detail to make sure they understand what they can expect from our work. Clients also often comment that we’re very quick to respond to queries, and we’re honest, too – we’ll always make sure that their money is working hard for them.” It is this open-minded approach that sets FSE Online apart from other search engine marketing firms. “Our services are scalable, yet our core approach remains the same,” states Danny. “Regardless of the size of the project we’re working on, we are friendly, approachable, and explain everything in simple English so that our clients can fully appreciate our work and the impact it’s having on their bottom line. Our main aim is to help our clients improve their return on investment and we’ll go to great lengths to make sure their marketing budget generates the best exposure possible for them. “We’ve worked hard to ensure our brand dominates local search, which is very important to us – we like to think we can practice what we preach!” It’s very much a team effort for FSE Online, with the staff being of utmost importance to ensure the ongoing success of the firm. “My co-director and I are responsible for overseeing all accounts, pursuing new business opportunities and running the company, but we also have a robust support team in the office with extensive experience in all aspects of web marketing, including paid search, content marketing, social media management and web design and development. A lot of other firms in our sector struggle to deliver that all-important personal touch, but our staff have an in- depth knowledge of all of our clients and have built up an exceptional rapport with hundreds of businesses in the local area and beyond.” FSE Online were recently awarded for their hard work with a 2016 Global Excellence Award. “FSE Online is very proud to have our services recognised by the Global Excellence Awards,” enthuses Danny. “We dedicate so much time and resources to delivering great results and an exceptional service for our clients that it’s great for our team to get some recognition. “We’re confident that the award will give prospective clients that much-needed reassurance that we’re the best at what we do.” With regards to the future, Danny and the team have high hopes for FSE online, both for 2017 and beyond. “Our plans for 2017 are to continue to offer a great value service to our clients while remaining at the forefront of digital marketing trends and innovation. The online arena is constantly adapting and changing, and we’re very aware that any company that fails to adapt with them will only go backwards. “Staying on top of the adapting digital landscape is one of our biggest challenges, along with providing services at a price point that is affordable to the client but provides our agency with enough resources to deliver the desired results.” Company: FSE Online Ltd Name: Danny Hall Email: Web: Address: 47 Church Street, Great Baddow, Essex CM2 7JA Phone: 0203 7733359 FSE ONLINE Optimal Performance “O 1702AI56