AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 55 Pipeline to Success Recently, the firm was awarded the 2016 Global Excellence Award for Most Outstanding Clay Pipe & Plastic Drainage Manufacturer. Edward describes how it feels to have been awarded such a prestigious accolade: “We’re delighted to receive this external recognition of the hard work which our team has put in. Since I took over the business on the death of my father Allan in 1993, the business has quadrupled in size, gone from two sites to six, dramatically increased its international footprint and turned losses and decline into profits and growth. The team has worked together superbly in developing new activities and new markets. Developing a business is a team effort; the entire team will rightfully be proud of winning this award.” So what of the future of Naylor Drainage? Edward has great aspirations: “We are looking forward to a period of growth,” he states. “We have recently invested heavily in new equipment to expand our product offering and relocated two of our businesses onto new and much bigger freehold sites to give them space to grow. “As a long-standing family business, we have a long-term horizon. The site acquisitions are part of this: we want to lay down permanent roots and get it right for the long- term.”