AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 53 On the A-List Artist View specialises in marketing, selling and managing the rights of independent film projects. The company represents a large number of independent producers and has a client base of buyers that is worldwide. President and CEO of the firm, Scott Jones, tells us more about the company, it’s client base and what sets it apart from the competition. he company was established in August of 1991 and is based in Los Angeles, CA with a satellite office in Calgary, Canada. “We have two sets of clients. On one hand we have the producers we represent and on the other hand we have a wide base of buyers that range from large studios, DVD distributors, Pay, Cable and Free TV networks, and a fast grow category of VOD clients including SVOD, AVOD and standard VOD/PPV platforms. “Our clients know that when they request materials and paperwork from us that they will always receive it in a timely manner. We have also established ourselves as a very honest, friendly group to deal with. “We have always put the customer first and make huge efforts to make sure our clients are happy so that we can achieve our ultimate goal which is to constantly build long term relationships with the individuals we service. “The key to our success lays in the reality that our industry is constantly changing. The way entertainment is being consumed is in constant development. So we have to not only be aware of these changes but be willing to change as developments occur.” Jones goes on to explain how a dedicated and long- standing team of employees is key in ensuring the company’s continued success. “The key employee’s in my firm have been a part of the company for a long time. As President/CEO of the company I have been here from the beginning (25 yrs), Jay Joyce, our VP of Sales, has been with me for 18 years, Jennifer Dillon, our head of distribution services, has been here for more than 10 years and Lani Jones, who heads up our accounting department, has been with us for seven years.” Recently, Artist View Entertainment was voted Most Outstanding Feature Film Sales Agency in the Global Excellence Awards 2016. Jones tells us how it felt to receive this prestigious accolade. “It is an honour to be recognised for all of our hard work and we sincerely appreciate the fact that the organization has picked us in this category. “I think the award give us a nice boost in the credibility department. We have work very hard to build a solid reputation in the entertainment business and this award helps to prove that we are very serious about what we do.” With regards to the future, Jones sees it being bright and prosperous. “As a sales company we hope to increase our client base and continue to forge new relationships. We are also starting to become more involved in the producing side of the business. We have recently established a strong team in Canada which will allow us to work in an area that has a well-established work force and excellent government tax incentives “With regards to future challenges, I think it’s really just about keeping up with change. Technology plays a huge role in our industry and it is very important that we are able to navigate through these constant changes. There is still a huge demand for content in the world but the consumer of today is very picky about what they watch. It a “niche” driven marketplace and with that in mind we have to offer the right product to the right client.” Company: Artist View Name: Scott Jones Email: Web: Address: 7141 Valjean Avenue Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 91406 USA Phone: 1-818-752-2480 On the A-List “T 1702AI47