AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

52 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 The Smart Choice Remfry & Son is a well-established law firm which continues law practice first established in 1827 by its founder Mr. Henry Oliver Remfry of England U.K. and carried on under the name of Remfry & Son by Mr. Chughtai Mirza Jamiluddin, Advocate. Professional practice is being carried on with a panel of lawyers, librarian, record-keeper, and other staff members. he firm is situated in its own 3-storyed building (CMJ House) located in D.H.A. a bigger and spacious place in the city of Karachi (Pakistan). The arena of law practice of the firm is intellectual property service relating to Trademarks, Domain names, Patents and Designs, copyright, and connected services say, professional advice, filing of opposition, safeguard of trade marks in Pakistan. Riffat Chughtai tells us more about the firm including what sets it apart from the competition and the secrets to the businesses success. “We are comparatively efficient and dynamic compared to others in a similar business,” she states. “We have huge client satisfaction and an increase in the number of clients because of this, and also because of our concentration, determination and dedication to the profession. “The team plays a vital role in the success of our firm. Their dedication, hard work and responsive, conscientious, co-operation and creative and challenging skills continue to contribute to the firm’s ongoing success.” Recently, Remfry and Son was awarded the 2016 Global Excellence award for the Most Oustanding IP Law Firm. Riffat states that was honoured and to have received such a prestigious accolade and that it is testament to the professional competence of her staff and the firm itself. “It feels really good to have this award” she enthuses. “It is a great honour.” With regards to the 2017 and the foreseeable future, Riffat claims that the firm will simply be concentrating on striving for better services and greater success. “There are both challenges and opportunities which lie ahead for the firm,” she comments. “However we have the advantage due to our ample knowledge of the profession, the competition, current trends, marketing techniques and financial know-how. New facts and data are constantly emerging and replacing old beliefs and trends – these are the challenges, and the opportunity is to conquer something that is difficult. “However, we will succeed as the best thing to do is to be open to innovation. When bringing a change, the entrepreneur should ensure that all employees are prepared for it, hold discussions with them, tell them how to be innovative, and understand how beneficial it would be. Providing excellent services to our clients ensures that they remain as customers and will even recommend us to others.” Email: Web: Address: CMJ House, 8-C, 21st Commercial Street, Phase II Extension, D.H.A., Karachi - 75500 (Pakistan) Phone: +92 (21) 3538 8325 & 26 The Smart Choice T 1702AI53