AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 51 Discover Your Truehome Psychology of Architecture conference co-hosted by the psychology and architecture schools of The University of Texas. Now called the Truehome Workshop©, his method is a detailed, systematic approach for identifying what Travis calls the “emotional architecture” of his clients. Travis defines emotional architecture as “the existing, primarily unconscious, psychological associations between environmental features and cognitive/emotional states built into the brain of the individual.” Travis points out that these pre-existing motives and associations powerfully impact our decisions about living and work spaces in ways we don’t understand or observe, and that professionals who gain this information are empowered to inform the design of spaces that match the personality, lifestyle, tastes, life goals and psychological nature of their clients in exact ways. “I create positive life outcomes for a living” says Travis. “The buildings we create are just tools for accomplishing those goals.” In addition to continuing his design practice, Travis sees his future moving towards more writing, consulting, seminars, and training programs focused on the methods he has developed and used for almost twenty years. “Not just the world of design, but the academic and economic world in general, is moving towards a breakthrough in creating products, technologies and environments that fit human beings in ways that improve wellbeing. Architecture remains behind the curve in this area, particularly as it relates to the home, the most intimate of our environments. We are proud of our small part in creating a future where the wellbeing of people, and the planet we inhabit, is the central focus of design.”