AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 49 The World’s Risk Capital “The accomplishments of the BSX to date and in particular this year’s results are directly attributable to the hard work of a dedicated team of world class stock exchange professionals that manage and operate the Exchange on a daily basis. The BSX team clearly understands the importance of a modern and solid domestic capital market, how the BSX platform is central to this and how all the pieces collectively contribute to the health and development of Bermuda’s economy.” The BSX team is committed to ensuring that Bermuda’s stock exchange platform remains the leader amongst its peers internationally, while providing global capital market access and solid support for local market users. “The dedication of the BSX team, its level of professionalism and understanding of our business was resoundingly punctuated this year when the BSX was appointed to the Board of Directors of the WFE” Wojciechowski reveals. Looking ahead to 2017, Greg Wojciechowski underlines that Bermuda and the BSX are well positioned for an excellent 2017. “In respect of Bermuda, June will see a hugely exciting period when the prestigious international yacht race, the America’s Cup Final comes to our shores.” “In respect of the BSX, as the Exchange has emerged as a solid niche exchange market platform, we will seek to add value and create new opportunities where we can. One very logical area will be to ride the acceleration of the convergence of the insurance and capital markets industries by creating an exchange focussed on insurance products.” “Whatever 2017 has in store, the BSX given its longevity in the business, deep pool of stock exchange experience, its unique and critical geographic location, the sophistication of the jurisdiction in which it operates and its well know platform, is well prepared to address and take advantage of any new opportunity that comes it way” Wojciechowski concludes.