AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 47 Growing Healthcare Investment Opportunities LSP is one of Europe’s largest and most experienced healthcare investment firms and in this special feature interview with Dr René R. Kuijten, LSP celebrates their success in winning the Most Outstanding European Healthcare Investment Firm award. SP has been investing in life sciences and health care companies for 30 years, selecting only those opportunities that have the most innovative products, the strongest management teams and the greatest break-through potential. While the primary aim of the firm is to generate superior financial returns for its investors, the company’s portfolio companies also contribute to improved patient outcomes, better quality of care and sustainability of health care systems globally. This adds a level of societal impact to the investment activities of the firm that lies at the heart of what constitutes the strong team spirit and dedication of the LSP organization. LSP is a truly European firm, but also has a strong foothold in the US. The company has its origins in Amsterdam (Netherlands), where the firm started its activities in the late eighties. From there, it branched out to other life science hotspots, namely Munich (Germany) and Boston (USA). The organization grew over the years, diversifying its investment activities by adding new products, such as a public fund investing in listed life science companies and a specialized medtech fund focusing on more mature companies with products on the market. Each fund activity is managed by a dedicated investment team. Still, the overarching theme of all investments is the shared belief in the disruptive powers of innovation and the passion of the inventors and entrepreneurs behind the idea. In 2012, LSP launched the LSP Health Economics Fund (LSP HEF). The fund’s strategy is to invest in innovative private medtech companies with commercial products that can improve quality of patient care while also contribute to lowering health care spending. The team managing LSP HEF has developed a unique skill set and network of experts to analyse the potential of each investment opportunity to fit the investment criteria. As a result, a portfolio of ten companies has been built, each of them having a product portfolio that can make health care better while keeping it affordable for society. Given the growing pressure on health care budgets, this addresses a clear need in today’s markets and makes the LSP HEF portfolio companies attractive acquisition targets. Over the years, LSP has raised over € 1 billion for its funds, making it one of the largest specialized health care investors in Europe. Fund investments have come from financial and strategic parties, notably including leading pharma companies such as Pfizer, GSK and Bristol-Myers Squibb and large health insurance companies, such as the Dutch firm Achmea. Typically, such investments are accompanied with strategic partnerships, providing LSP with a proprietary network and unique insights and understanding, instrumental to both the investment selection process and the support of portfolio companies. The firm’s latest and so far largest fund is LSP 5, which reached its hard cap with €250 million at its final closing in June 2016. This fund will target investments in healthcare companies developing novel and ground-breaking products and technologies that provide solutions to unmet medical needs. Drug development and drug discovery are the main focus of this fund, but investments in medical device and diagnostics companies are also included in the fund’s strategy. The portfolio of LSP 5 is developing rapidly, with Kuros Biosciences already being listed on the stock market. This company provides products in the field of tissue repair and regenerative medicine, playing into a theme that regularly plays a role in LSP’s portfolio – helping the body to heal itself. On winning The Most Outstanding European Healthcare Investment Firm award, Kuijten believes it is a tremendous validation of what the firm does, having started as one of smaller parties but now having grown into one of the largest players in this market. Being highly specialized and having a strong focus on health care and life sciences has proven to be a very successful formula for the firm. Company: LSP Life Sciences Partners Name: Dr René R. Kuijten Managing Partner Email: Web: Address: Johannes Vermeerplein 9 1071 DV Amsterdam Phone: +31 654906217 Growing Healthcare Investment Opportunities L 1701A157 “it is a tremendous validation of what the firm does.”