AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 43 Practising Perfection in Patent Protection PatentAxis a Canadian patent services firm located in downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We profile the firm to learn more about the firm and the range of services it provides, following their recent success in winning the Most Outstanding for International Patent Prosecution award. atentAxis provides patent services that include search, analysis, filing and prosecution for both Canadian clients as well as international clients seeking patent protection in Canada. A major emphasis is placed on prompt communication with clients and providing clients with clear and practical advice to allow clients to make informed and educated decisions. The firm’s clients range from local small and medium sized businesses to larger entities to foreign firms. Regardless of the size of the client, PatentAxis is inspired by the innovative activity and is committed to providing services in a clear and practical manner to secure a competitive advantage in patents. The objective is to make the patent process transparent so that clients can focus time and energy on effecting change with their innovations. What sets the firm apart is its heavy emphasis on efficiency, providing clients with all possible options at each step to expedite prosecution or to reduce fees. For example, PatentAxis conducts telephone interviews with examiners to quickly resolve Examiner objections rather than pursue protracted written correspondence. Whenever suitable, examiner interviews are conducted to help expedite patent prosecution and reduce patent prosecution costs. Another distinguishing feature is that PatentAxis provides a fixed fee option for all types of patent agency work products in Canada. Historically, when presented with a choice between hourly rates and fixed fees clients have overwhelmingly chosen fixed fees. As such, over the years fixed fee options have been expanded to all Canadian work products. This ability to offer clients fixed fees comes from the company’s great success in achieving cost and time efficiencies. Overhead and human resource costs are always examined for relevance and impact. In terms of professional fees, the idiom ‘time is money’ literally applies, and the firm actively stays abreast of software advances to achieve time efficiencies, including staying current on all electronic or online filing procedures. Every software development comes with benefits and risks. Culturally, one of the more important aspects in PatentAxis is that client satisfaction trumps billable hours. For example, if a client calls to discuss strategy and the call is less than 30 minutes the client isn’t charged. A related cultural characteristic is an emphasis on getting any inquiry to be answered by a patent professional. In order to offer clients the very highest level of service, the firm aims to have a professional on the call immediately, and if not have a professional return the call within a couple of hours. Looking forward, the firm’s clients continue to bring unique and useful products in a variety of industry sectors. Springing from this varied and dynamic client roster, the firm enthusiastically embraces its future, and is excited by the opportunity to expand its profile. Canadian innovation is based on enduring local talent that will continue to bring new solutions to market. Economic changes may create corresponding timeframe or budgetary revisions, but as long as the desire to protect innovation is maintained PatentAxis is nimble and adept at providing practical options and tactics to defer costs and adjust to budgetary constraints while steadfastly securing protection of intellectual property rights. Company: PatentAxis Inc. Name: Jai Chatterjee Email: Web: Address: 10 King Street East, suite 500, Toronto, Ontario, M5C 1C3 Canada Phone: +1-416-556-2999 Practising Perfection in Patent Protection P 1701AI146