AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

42 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 Performance, Knowledge and Wisdom To win the Global Excellence Awards for two years in a row was just wonderful. Being honoured with Most Outstanding Spiritual Health Service in the Asia Pacific region is huge, and by an organisation outside of my own industry, I’m very proud of this achievement. ince its beginning in 2004, my business has been centred on helping others to achieve spiritual health and wellbeing. I consider myself a channel for others to connect with the spiritual world, delivering messages of importance and helping to guide others along their life path. My office is my home; a peaceful and relaxing environment which allows me to focus and communicate more effectively with my clients. It also means I am able to keep in touch with clients from anywhere, at any time. I believe what sets my business apart from other spiritual health services are my consistently high standard of performance and the depth of knowledge and wisdom I have gained through experiences in my life. I love what I do, and it is this passion that has driven me to make my business as successful as it is today. My clients are anybody and everybody; from corporate businesses to housewives, from all over the world including London, U.S.A, India and Australia. I have been fortunate to develop strong relationships with my clients, who often refer to me as their best friend. Word of mouth has been the biggest advertisement for my business, which speaks volumes as to the quality of my service. My plans for the future, and the challenges I face along with them, are to expand my market even further by offering real-time, face-to-face communication through my website, and developing a strong and supportive team to work with me in achieving this. Company: KRISTINA Name: Kristina Martin Email: Web: Address: 26 Devonshire Street, HAWTHORN, South Australia 5062 Phone: +61 0 83570231 +61 0407187449 Performance, Knowledge andWisdom S 1702AI37