AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 39 Different. Defined. Disciplined “Knowing my obsession and dedication has been acknowledged and rewarded is gratifying. To be awarded the Most Outstanding Systematic CTA (3 Years) is especially rewarding because the 3D programs have successfully shorted the S&P 500 in one of the greatest bull markets of all time. Being recognized as the best also keeps us motivated to adapt, evolve and continue to add value and offer vehicles that provide true diversification for our investors.” It seems that the skies the limit for Eric and his team with regards to both the short term, and the long term, future. “Our goals and plans for 2017 and beyond include continuing to offer SP programs that can identify long and short opportunities in the SP 500 and that consistently profit and outperform the SP 500 in a down market. We are also very excited about our trajectory for growth with recent inquiries about private labelling and working with family offices to provide a hedging vehicle and true “insurance policy”. The combination of 3D and the SP 500 is compelling and we are looking forward to marketing our award winning track record of shorting the SP 500 in one of the greatest bull markets in history.”