AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

38 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 Eric Dugan of 3D Capital tells us more about the firm, its history and its client base. D Capital was started with one goal in mind and that was to protect those who have long exposure in the stock market,” he begins. “Over the years we have evolved and now offer multiple Long and Short SP 500 (SP) programs that have consistently profited in rising and falling markets. In layman terms we have successfully created a systematic daily watchdog that seeks to identify strength and weakness in the SP 500. We specialise in offering SP programs that protect and profit from daily downturns in the SP 500. To our knowledge we are the only firm of our kind. We take great pride in our rigorous process of identifying statistically significant patterns and the same can be said for the persistence and diligence with which our programs are implemented. “Our clients are high net worth individuals and institutions that are looking for programs that generate uncorrelated absolute returns with low volatility and that have historically performed well when the SP 500 does not.” Eric also goes on to speak of his own experience within the industry. “I have been fortunate enough to have spent the last 25 years doing what I love and that is problem solving, developing programs, trading, managing money and adding value for our clients. My experience includes trading and developing programs in the Pacific Rim, European and US markets and that has provided me great insight into understanding the world is an interconnected global market place that integrates identifiable dependencies and behaviours. This is the basis and foundation of the 3D Capital programs which began trading in 2008. 3D Capital was formed and registered as a Commodity Trading Advisor in May 2010. We are based in Bernardsville NJ which is about an hour outside of NYC.” So what is it exactly that sets 3D Capital aside from the competition? Eric has the answer. “3D Capital is Different Defined and Disciplined,” he states. “We are Different in that we are focused and specialise in one market. We are Defined in our purpose of offering a product that seeks to generate absolute uncorrelated returns that consistently profit and outperform the SP 500 in a down market. We are Disciplined in that we are relentless with our process. The 3D’s enable us to be thorough with the identification, analysis, development and implementation of statistically significant patterns and programs. I have been trading since 1993 and my experience trading every asset class and time zone in the world has given me a deep and thorough understanding of what is moving the global markets and SP 500. Concentrating on one market and using the combination of multiple global inputs, trading strategies and holding periods makes us very diverse and dynamic and is what I believe sets us apart and has enabled us to outperform our benchmarks.” And if that isn’t enough, Eric has examples of how the business is succeeding in terms of innovating, growing and improving. We are pleased that the aggregate performance of our SP programs has been profitable 8 of the last 9 years. Our programs have survived and thrived during both ends of the volatility spectrum and through multiple market cycles. “3D Capital was voted Best Specialised CTA by CTA Intelligence for 2015 and 2016 and this recent award of Most Outstanding Systematic CTA (combined with 15 Barclay Hedge awards in the Short Term Trading, Stock Index Trading and Systematic Trading categories demonstrate our process and programs have been successful “I believe our ability to adapt and evolve since our first program was launched in 2008 has also contributed to our success. We originally offered only one long only program which was profitable in 2008 while the SP 500 was down nearly 40%. We now offer multiple long short products, including our 3D Intraday program which has kept pace with the SP 500 since late 2013. Our success is also due in part to our tireless efforts to innovate and improve. An example of this and something we are very excited about is our recent talks with a family office about structuring a product as an overlay to their client’s passive long stock market exposure. The preliminary results are compelling! Company: 3D Capital Management Name: Eric Dugan Email: eric@ Web: Address: Bernardsville NJ Phone: +1 (609) 947-0405 CAPITAL MANAGEMENT DIFFERENT DEFINED DISCIPLINED Different. Defined. Disciplined “3 1701A152 “I have been fortunate enough to have spent the last 25 years doing what I love and that is problem solving, developing programs, trading, managing money and adding value for our clients.