AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

36 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 TuffChem, winner of Most Outstanding Offshore Environmental Cleaning Services, serves clients in the oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery and power plant industries. uffChem has been in business since 1991 but only started to focus in oil & gas products and services in 2003. We feel honoured to receive the Most Outstanding Offshore Environmental Cleaning Services award, and will definitely continue to strive to give nothing but quality and excellence for our clients. At TuffChem, we believe in establishing long-term, good working relationships with our customers. We work with our customers to develop optimal cleaning solutions catered to their needs and provide quality, cost-effective and sustainable services to our clients. To accomplish this, we continuously source for new products and progressive technologies. We are committed to providing innovative solutions for our clients, by drawing on the experience of our team of talented and experienced employees, as well as our established principles. We uphold professional quality and ensure the safe delivery of our services to meet the client’s expectations, schedule and budget. This award is to us is an acknowledgement by the industry for our excellent quality products and services, and for the industry leaders recognising us as a trusted partner for their cleaning and product needs. Business innovation and evolution We believe in being proactive; indeed, our crew takes ownership for their respective jobs, we provide the team with equipment that deliver services on site, with no break down. We also include the clients as part of the team, providing them with comprehensive project planning, control and updates, ensuring their needs are met and on target. A business can only succeed with innovation and improvements. At Tuffchem, we are constantly coming up with ideas which would provide our clients with better results in a cost effect and safe manner. A no-man entry tank cleaning is just one of our latest achievements. A refinery TAR tank needed to be cleaned with a no-man entry method, due to a previous incident. However, the client was reluctant to try nozzle installation either on top of tank or around the manhole. We were invited to provide a solution to which we designed a cleaning process without a nozzle injection, but with the centrifuge recovery of oil and a separate solid. Much to our amazement, the tar level was lowered from four metres to one metre and there was no need for manual cleaning since the balance was mostly dissolved as liquid. The solid recovery was 99% dried and accounted for 1,000 metric tonnes. With this result, we are the first company in Singapore to successfully design TAR tank cleaning without nozzles. Other inventions include the success development of an organic salt to remove rust and calcium carbonate, which jointly created with a local polytechnic in 2015. Client feedback Our clients know us as a company that not only takes pride in our work, but we also have a management that care for their staff. We are constantly praised for our innovative, pro-active approach and team empowerment. The client likes us because decisions are made by the site manager, or senior manager and are fully supported by the management. This eliminates a lot of lost time, compared to other similar service providers where site managers need to seek management permission before action can be taken. Our products deliver results, our equipment is well maintained and crew are well versed with their scope of work and responsibility. The important role of the team Staff are the backbone of the company, indeed without them, there is no company. The success of our company relies on team delivery from design, marketing, management to operation and service delivery. An open-door policy and listening to our staff is one of the most important factors in support of staff motivation, and along with that comes much innovation. Each member of staff here is encouraged to speak out, or perhaps provide a suggestion for Company: TuffChem Environmental Services Pte. Ltd., Name: Mrs. Allister Lim Rochstad Email: Web: Address: 38 Loyang Drive, #02-01 Singapore 508960 Phone: + 65 65461517 Optimal Cleaning Solutions T 1702AI42 “We feel honoured to receive the Most Outstanding Offshore Environmental Cleaning Services award, and will definitely continue to strive to give nothing but quality and excellence for our clients.”