AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

24 Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 The Chocolate Room an Australian Company has come a long way from when it was first established in Geelong, Victoria in 2006. The Chocolate Room Australia, Director, Mr. Yaju Vaghela tells us more about the firm, the rationale behind its conception and the secret to its overwhelming success. he Chocolate Room franchised store first graced Indian soil in 2006 and fast forward nine years later, it has grown immensely around the world with more than 200 plus cafes including Australia, India, UK, China, Oman, Pakistan and opening soon in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by April 2017. The Chocolate Room was the first chocolate based food business to utilise the franchise model in order to spread and grow its business across Australia, India, U.K, China, Oman and Pakistan. “Chocolate is one of the most popular and widely consumed products in the world. To quote a credible industry source, Chocolate Industry analysts predicts the global chocolate market will experience annual sales of $98.3 billion by 2016 - the result of an annual growth rate approaching 3 percent. Demand in Asia is a major source in the growth of sales, and is expected to rise to a 20 percent share in the global market by 2016. “The Chocolate Room is home to a delicious array of chocolate based goodies. Customer from all the ages can try from a wide range of hot chocolate drinks, chocolate fondues, patisserie, and waffles and of course our scrumptious handmade Belgian chocolates. “Chocolate makes us swoon, it arouses our passions and tempts our senses and it is so experiential. Our core philosophy is chocolate delight. We offer our customers a unique chocolate experience, a fantastic cafe experience, a veritable chocolate heaven and yet affordable, which has helped us in being the leading chocolatiers. “The response from our customers has been extremely warm – they loved our concept of creating a relaxing and cosy café atmosphere where they could enjoy our delicious coffee, mouth-watering food and of course our exquisite handmade chocolates. Our primary goal has always been to ensure our customers enjoy not only our food and drinks but also to provide them with excellent customer service so they keep coming back for more. “We source only the highest quality of products and use them to produce our delicious array of chocolate drinks, coffees and other delicacies. We take pride in making everything from scratch and take the time to ensure your meals are presented to you in an immaculate and exquisite way. After all we eat with our eyes so what looks good must taste delicious, right? “Besides being a specialist destination chocolate indulgence café, we also sell coffee, a varied savoury gastronomic delights and an ambience that adds up to a multi-sensory experience. “Our ‘chocolate designers’ chef, as we call them, source the freshest, “highest quality” cocoa seeds and natural ingredients with the utmost care and attention for the handmade delicious chocolates and coupled with the exhilarating Cafe experience has pitch-forked our growth from a mere 2% to 40% in Australia, India, UK, Oman & China. “Our well-trained staff are always ready to serve you in all the chocolate cafes around the world. They always make sure the customer can have best chocolate experience when they visit to our café. Our 200 franchise owners are our strength and reason for our success to grow in such a short time. Successful franchise owners and their hard work to make this brand successful is the main reason behind our success. Apart from that our business development manager, chef and marketing team is playing an important role in growth of the chocolate room brand. “At The Chocolate Room, we are firm believers in having fun in what we do. This belief and passion for our work allows us to make your each and every experience a memorable one. So, whether you are a young kid excited to visit your first chocolate tasting experience or foodies after something different, you will not be disappointed. We believe in celebrating life so you will always see some of celebration or event at The Chocolate Room - and what a better way to celebrate life’s best moments than with delicious chocolate? Mr. Yaju Vaghela says “Winning the Global Excellence Awards 2016 for the Most Outstanding Chocolate Café Brand is the recognition that we at the Chocolate Room are on the right track in terms of the value proposition we stand for in creating customer delight, and the dedication, devotion, discipline and the determination to reach the Company: The Chocolate Room Australia Name: Mr. Yaju Vaghela Web: Chocolate is a Girl’s Best Friend T 1701AI118 “There is no business-like chocolate business, forget diamonds, chocolate is a girl’s best friend! ”