AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 23 Achieving an Energy & Water Sustainable Future Therefore, we assure them that our teams would work closely with them to understand their requirements and configure and customise our platforms to meet their explicit and implicit needs. Most of the clients/ prospects that we have spoken to understand the importance of their relationship with their customers, but they are not aware of how they can redefine this relationship and make it a more holistic, mutual and symbiotic relationship. Therefore, we help them facilitate a real-time, two-way communication with their end-consumers so that they can work together to meet energy efficiency and water conservations goals. We also understand that cost can be a major determinant for any organisation, so we evaluate and assess the existing infrastructure of our clients/ prospects and since the key highlight of our platforms is that they can be seamlessly integrated with existing infrastructure of any utility, we assure them of minimal time, efforts and costs of deployment of our platforms. This also helps them get more value out of the utility infrastructure and the resources, and, achieve faster returns on their investments. Thus, our aim is to provide our clients and prospects with innovative, cost effective, reliable and user-friendly solutions that can play a major role in reducing environmental impact. What do your clients say about the services that you offer? Our biggest strength is the high satisfaction levels of our customers and we certainly owe our success to our delighted customers who have witnessed significant improvement in their business as a direct outcome of deploying our platforms. Some of our clients are amazed at the way we have helped them take their customer engagement to the next level and how they have managed visible transformation in their processes and significant improvement in their operational efficiencies without any extra burden on finances. Some of our existing clients are happy about how they have managed to change their customers’ perspective about themselves through effective customer engagement by facilitating real-time and two-way communication with them. They have been able to increase customer enrolment and participation in energy efficiency, water conservation and demand response programs. Since, the utilities are now able to improve their customer service levels significantly; it has directly impacted their customer acquisition and retention. Some of our clients are very vocal about how initially they were little critical about successful deployment considering their legacy systems, but how we have surpassed their expectations by not only managing successful and seamless integration with existing back-end systems but also ensuring minimal deployment time and cost. While we get positive reviews from all of our clients, we also give equal heed to their feedback and continuously strive to enhance and upgrade our platforms so that we may serve our clients better. Can you tell me about your team and the important role they play in the success of your firm? SUS, was established by our Founder and CEO, Mr. Deepak Garg, a visionary entrepreneur who feels very strongly about the concept of a green and sustainable future. He has always been very convinced about the fact that technology can be leveraged to achieve this greater good of an energy and water sustainable future. With this mission, Deepak set out to look for like-minded experts from the utility industry and set up the organisation in 2009. Our core team includes technologists and subject matter experts who have been working in the utility industry for many decades. Since they have been closely associated with the sector, they know the inherent challenges in and around the business. This gives our company an edge, as we can better relate to their requirements and needs and offer them tailor made solutions addressing their explicit and implicit concerns. Our research and development team are a set of young, enthusiastic and talented engineers who worked on not just developing our comprehensive suite of solutions, but are always on their toes to keep abreast of the latest technologies and industry trends so that they can work on product improvisation and enhancements. We are proud of the fact that our entire team is very passionate about making a difference and contributing to the society and it reflects in the way how each of us is working towards a common goal of revolutionising the way the world approaches energy and water sustainability. Can you point to any examples as to how the business is succeeding, perhaps in terms of innovating, growing and improving (or any other examples)? Every organisation sets different parameters for its growth and success; for SUS, it is about how many lives could we impact, how many end consumers could we motivate to improve their energy and water use efficiency. Our growth has been tremendous over last few years and this is evident from the number of successful deployments that we have done for major global energy and utility companies. We have also been growing exponentially in new geographies other than North America. To match our company’s growth trajectory, our team size has almost doubled over the last one year. Our product innovation has come a long way since its development in 2009, and we now offer comprehensive solutions that leverage technologies such as cloud, mobility, big data, built- in analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) and can be customised and configured according to the clients’ requirements. We are continuously working to improvise our platform further to ensure it’s a best-in-class, user friendly and holistic solution addressing all industry challenges and concerns. Our platforms have been recognised globally for their quality and uniqueness. This is validated by the various industry awards and recognitions bestowed on us, such as SAP Pinnacle of the Year 2016, Smart Grid Product of the Year Award 2016, ACG Award of Excellence 2016, Corporate Innovation & Excellence Award 2016, Mobile Star Award 2016, and many others. What are your hopes and plans for 2017 and beyond? At SUS, we are driven by the vision to be technology partners for global utilities and developing innovative solutions that can help them. Since our inception, we have been fixated about knowing the latest and upcoming industry trends and innovating solutions that would cater to those trends. Our future course of action will certainly be defined by the same and we look forward to develop best in class, innovative solutions for the energy and utility industry. We hope to partner with our existing clients and help them redefine digital experience of their customers using our intuitive and user-friendly platforms. We plan to work on further product development and enhancements to come up with solutions that can aid the utilities in their digitalisation efforts and at the same time, take their customer engagement to the next level. The coming year will see an increased focus on development of smart cities, increased adoption of electric vehicles and an increased focus on improving energy and water usage efficiency. Thus, we have aligned our plans to match up to the expectation of our clients and to come up with further enhancements in our platforms to cater to these trends. We are hopeful for a great and successful year ahead and would want to increase our client base and geographical footprint exponentially. We also look forward to collaborate with major industry associations and other industry players, leveraging technologies that can help us further strengthen our delivery capabilities. We at SUS are embracing year 2017 with a positive outlook on growth and development.