AI Global Excellence Awards 2016

Acquisition International - Global Excellence Awards 2016 13 Oil, Gas and Power Exploration Sectors surface well testing and we are only one of the few companies to provide this. Customer base Our client base consists of operators, drilling companies and various services providers ranging from slick line, wireline, well test, sand management and cementing. Our clientele also includes companies who are in the BOO & BOT business - where they are set up early production facilities and they require a lot of critical process equipment. Our product range is well diversified and specialized for the variety of customers’ needs we have to deal with. Our customer base is developed mainly because of the brand Sparklet that we have created over the past years, customers are approached: • Based on market assessment of projects coming up in the region and possible bidders are contacted; • By sending flyer mails to prospective customers; • Participating in exhibitions; • Advertising on oil & gas magazines; Our clients are happy and that is why we are growing, because we have always bridged the gap of our customer requirements by adding the required product line or acquiring the right technology to fulfill the customer project. The role of staff A company cannot achieve anything without a dedicated, committed & loyal staff. We believe the that everybody from the security guard to the Managing Director of are all equally important to the role played by them to make a successful firm. List of Awards & Recognitions Below is the list of awards & recognitions we have received up to the present day. ENGINEERING EXPORT PROMOTION COUNCIL (INDIA) Year – 2010-2011 Regional Award of Western Region - Top Exporter (Silver Trophy – Micro Enterprise). Year – 2011-2012 Regional Award of Western Region - Star Performer (Small Enterprise). Year – 2012-2013 Regional Export Award for Outstanding Export Performance - Star Performer (Small Enterprise). Year – 2013-2014 Regional Export Award for Outstanding Export Performance - Top Exporter (Silver Trophy - Small Enterprise). Year – 2014-2015 National Award for Excellence in Exports of High- Technology Products – (Special Trophy - Small Enterprise). BUSINESS GAURAV SME AWARD Year – 2012 Engineering Goods Sector under Category from D&B Axis Bank – (Star Performer – Small Enterprise). FRANCHISE INDIA Year – 2013 National Awards for Small Business & Entre- preneurship - Manufacturing Business of the Year (Medium Enterprise). Year – 2014 National Awards for Small Business & Entre- preneurship - Manufacturing Business of the Year (Medium Enterprise).  ASIA PACIFIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARDS YEAR Year - 2016 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2016 India – (Most Promising Category).  INDIA SME FORUM Year – 2016 India’s Top 100 SME Awards – 2016. Year – 2015 India’s Small Giants - Emerging Enterprise of India.  MAKE IN INDIA Year – 2015 Under the make India scheme we were privileged to be the 1st to qualify and get a sanction for our expansion a loan arranged by SIDBI.  List of Certifications & Accreditations ISO 9001: 2015  ASME STAMP U STAMP; U2 STAMP; S STAMP; PP STAMP; R STAMP; NB STAMP.  API CERTIFICATION API SPEC 5CT’ API SPEC 6A’ API SPEC 6D’ API SPEC 7-1’ API SPEC 16C’ API 12J Plans for the future • Water Treatment as this is already an issue in oil producing fields globally, where water in oil has to be treated. This technology is being controlled by only selected companies globally, but we have already generated the enquiry for our company and are looking for joint ventures in this product line. • Gas Treatment Equipment gas is the clean fuel and gas processing equipment will be the thing of the next decade where the environment is a concern. Developing this area would be growth oriented, as this would lead to our next interest to develop the required equipment for the power industry which would be run on gas. • Nuclear we have kept an eye on the current nuclear developments of India, where we are still identifying the correct product range to get into. By 2017, we should have the necessary accreditation to do nuclear based pressure vessels which are now only with the likes of Godrej and Larsen & Toubro. Success Mantra “We were taught by the best to be the best! Believe in your core ability. Have a vision and stick to it. Take calculated risks, move ahead with the times and don’t compare yourself with others.” “We believe in the future without forgetting the past. Trust your instincts as an entrepreneur. Be true and honest to yourself. Take time to choose the vendors and consultants that you decide to work with.” Dreams don’t become reality if not worked for with honesty, commitment, un conditional hard work. If one leads well all will follow, but leader cannot walk alone must have a team behind which follows the same principle.