Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022

8 Acquisition International - Global CFO Excellence Awards 2022 handle the challenges of the past few years caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite having staff working remotely in the initial months, the business process remained effective throughout without reducing customer service levels or quality of work. “Three aspects of the Bank’s performance I feel that deserve recognition are as follows: We offered deferred payments to our loan customers, enabling them to weather the challenges; We made $295 million in PPP loans to 3,400 small businesses, supporting the salaries of 50,000 employees; We maintained 100% employment throughout, with no reductions in employee staff levels or furloughing of employees,” explains Stan. As aforementioned above, Stan is a firm believer that all of us are the sum total of all of our experiences up to this point in our lives. In addition, to constantly draw on those experiences, the following attributes are critical to success. Stan expands, “Maintain a positive attitude - Life throws things at us all the time. While we may not be able to avoid them or control them, we have complete control over how we respond to them. Be resilient - We all get knocked down figuratively. We have to pick ourselves up and go on. Finally, stay inquisitive - It makes us continue to learn and grow.” Moreover, besides playing a pivotal role in Ocean Bank’s continued success, Stan is currently developing a successor to become the Bank’s CFO in a few years. Despite his ongoing career and his decades of experience, Stan still regularly asks himself ‘what do I want to be when I grow up,’ a wholesome question that many individuals can view as humbling and relatable. “While I don’t plan to ‘retire,’ I look forward to being on a few corporate boards, teaching, and consulting. As every day’s experiences make me better than the day before, I believe I have a lot to offer,” explains Stan. For now, the future of OceanBank is on a digitalizing path to enhance both the customer experience and employee satisfaction and performance. In 2022, Ocean Bank will be relocating its Fort Lauderdale branch to an enhanced location and expanding its footprint by opening new branches in Orlando and Boca Raton. Whatever his plan, Stan Rubin will always be known as the Most Dynamic Commercial Banking CFO & Risk Officer of 2022 and a legacy of success and a future of accomplishments. Most Dynamic Commercial Banking CFO & Risk Officer 2022: Stan Rubin ocated in the ‘sunshine state,’ Ocean Bank is recognized for its exceptional professionalism in commercial banking. While traditionally, in this sector, the clientele is local companies, small businesses, individuals, and families, for Ocean Bank, customers include non-local companies and the latter. Expanding on the company’s offerings and unique stance within the industry, Stan Rubin, CFO, explains, “Ocean Bank is what is referred to as a community bank, which provides banking and wealth management products and services to a variety of customers in 70 countries outside the US, primarily in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.” In addition to being CFO, Stan is also Ocean Bank’s Chief Risk Officer. For Stan, at Ocean Bank, the Chief Risk Officer manages the company’s enterprise-wide risk assessment processes. Overall, this enables Stan to use his many non-finance attributes and experiences, including corporate governance, compliance, operations, and internal control. Moreover, concerning his integral role at Ocean Bank, Stan is also the key liaison within the company and its banking regulators, such as the FDIC, Federal Reserve Bank, and Florida Office of Financial Regulation – an impressive collection of tasks that only someone with Stan’s professionalism, dedication and years of experience and expertise could execute and juggle successfully. Going back to the beginning, Stan has accumulated several years of the relevant and unique experience that has made his contribution to several roles throughout his career invaluable. Depicting his successful accredited skills, Stan explains, “After nine years with Coopers & Lybrand (now PwC), I had a 20 plus year career with Citibank/Citigroup where I held various CFO, Controller, BSA/AML/ Compliance, Internal Control, and Shared Service Centre positions based in Europe, Asia, South America, and Central America, in addition to New York, Toronto, Atlanta, and Tampa. In addition, I served as the CFO of American Express’s Japan/Asia Pacific/Australia Region, based in Singapore. However, after living away from Miami, my home, since 1986, I returned home in late 2009 and joined Ocean Bank. I believe that we are all the sum total of all of our experiences up to this point in our lives, of which my career path provided me a vast array of. As CFOs are generalists, I constantly draw on those experiences.” Compared to many others in the industry, Ocean Bank was able to L The largest independent state-chartered commercial bank, Ocean Bank is located in Florida, and provides a comprehensive suite of banking products and services. However, its commercial real estate lending is more prominently noted, which stands out in the community and within the industry as its unique selling point and exceptional success feature. With Stan Rubin, the Most Dynamic Commercial Banking CFO and Risk Officer of the Year, in its leadership team, Ocean Bank is in tremendous hands, leading the sector through unparalleled expertise and leadership. Company Name: Ocean Bank Contact Name: Stan Rubin Web Address: Contact Email: Mar22576