2017 Dispute Resolution Awards

8 Acquisition International - Dispute Resolution Awards 2017 Pierre Mayer Office Goldstein Law Firm Best International Trade Dispute Resolution Firm - Europe Best for Franchise Disputes 2017 - USA PierreMayer Office Goldstein Law Firm Pierre Mayer Office is a legal office based in Paris. We invited Founder Pierre Mayer to tell us more. Goldstein Law Firm, PLLC draws on the vast industry experience of Founder Jeffrey Goldstein to deliver superior support for all their clients’ franchise dispute needs. We profile the firm and Jeffrey to learn more. Company: Pierre Mayer Office Name: Pierre Mayer Email: mayer@pierremayer.com Address: 20, rue des Pyramides, 75001 Paris Telephone: +33 1 85090158 Company: Goldstein Law Firm, PLLC Contact: Jeffrey M. Goldstein Contact Email: jgoldstein@goldlawgroup.com Address: 1629 K ST. N.W., Suite 300, Washington D.C, 20006, USA Phone: 001 202 293 3947 Website: www.goldlawgroup.com DR170017 DR170021 Pierre Mayer is one of the most renowned international arbitrators. He discusses his work and how he draws on his vast experience as law professor, counsel and arbitrator to manage his cases efficiently and render awards that meet the expectations of the parties to the dispute submitted to him. “Personally, I work independently exclusively as arbitrator in international arbitration cases. I act as co-arbitrator, sole arbitrator or presiding arbitrator. I have experience of ad hoc and institutional arbitration under a variety of arbitral rules. My cases include a mix of commercial and investment treaty cases. I receive help from a single associate. “Previously a partner in the law firms Coudert Frères, Clifford Chance and Dechert, I have acted as counsel in a vast number of international arbitration cases. This experience ensures that, as an arbitrator, I am able to approach legal disputes from a pragmatic and commercial perspective. Apart from my arbitrator appointments, I like to contribute to the development of arbitration law and best practices. To that end, I take an active part in the international arbitration community. For example, I am an active member of several international arbitration associations or groups and frequently speak at conferences. Until recently, I was the president of the Arbitration Academy Jeffrey Goldstein has been working as a franchise attorney in the franchise and distribution niche for over three decades. After practicing antitrust at two of the largest law firms in the world – Skadden and Morgan Lewis – Jeff opened his own national boutique firm in Washington, DC. During that time, Jeffrey and the Attorneys at the Goldstein Law Firm have received unrivalled accolades for their talented, skilful, shrewd, insightful and compelling efforts on behalf of their winning franchisee and dealer clients. Here are some of the reasons why the Goldstein Law Firm puts Jeff Goldstein and the lawyers at Goldstein Law Firm at the top of national franchise attorneys. There are very few franchisee lawyer specialists practicing in the country. Almost every franchisee- only lawyer has begun representing both franchisors and franchisees, although they do not fully disclose this to the franchisee community. This is because it is clear which side of the aisle has greater funds and resources to fund their law offices. Many times these franchise lawyers try to argue either that they were only lending minimal assistance to the franchisor on its case and were not acting officially as the lead lawyer; however, this excuse rings hollow when you realize that these lawyers’ names are part of the law firm’s name itself – these very apologist lawyers make the final decisions regarding representing both franchisees and franchisors at the same time. in Paris. Due to my background as a private international law and international arbitration law professor, subjects I have taught for decades as a professor at the University of Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), I am frequently called upon to review arbitration law books.” Looking ahead, Pierre discusses the challenges he finds in the industry currently and how he will be working to overcome them in the future. “The international arbitration market in Paris is ever evolving, and the main challenges for international arbitrators in demand is to maintain a healthy workload across the year to avoid having an excessive work load at any one. When accepting appointments, that I will be able to devote the right amount of time to each case.” This joint representation of franchisors and franchisees, especially in the litigation context, is directly harmful to your status and position as a franchisee or dealer, despite any fast-talk otherwise. When shopping for advice, and seeking legal counsel, make sure to include this important factor in your review process — you want a franchisee lawyer looking out exclusively only for your interests; not a franchise lawyer, no matter how charming, that rides both sides of the fence. Ultimately, Goldstein Law Firm is a franchise law firm dedicated to you, the franchisee. Franchise law is a complex field that requires specialization. That is why Goldstein’s franchise lawyers represent franchisees and dealers exclusively, and moving forward this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus. As Jeff points out, “there’s a very good reason why the Goldstein Law Firm is considered as ‘the Go-To’ law firm for complex franchise litigation.”

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