2017 Dispute Resolution Awards

4 Acquisition International - Dispute Resolution Awards 2017 Brander & Manner Attorneys Estudio ROVIRA Best Commercial Dispute Resolutions - Finland Best Corporate Law Consultancy Service - Argentina Brander &Manner Attorneys Estudio ROVIRA Brander & Manner Attorneys are a Finland based legal practice specialising in both domestic and international law. We profile the firm’s Attorney and Senior Partner Matti Manner to learn more about his work. Estudio ROVIRA is a boutique law firm formed 4 years ago by its Principal, Dr. Rovira, with over 40 years’ experience of active practice in corporate governance and corporate litigation. Dr. Alfredo L. Rovira, Founder of the firm, told us more about the work his firm completes. Company: Brander & Manner Attorneys Name: Matti Manner Email: matti.manner@brander- manner.fi Web Address: www.brander- manner.fi Address: Kristiinankatu 3, FIN- 20100 Turku, Finland Telephone: +358 2 511 7024 Company: Estudio ROVIRA Name: Dr. Alfredo L. Rovira Email: arovira@roviralaw.com.ar Web Address: www.roviralaw.com.ar Address: Av. Callao 1016, 10th Floor Telephone: +5411 4816 3232 DR1700006 DR170001 Brander & Manner’s Attorney and Senior Partner Matti Manner specialises contract law; international trade law; company law; acquisitions and mergers as well as litigation and arbitration. His clients consist of domestic and international listed companies, medium size industries as well as families and small business. Working with such an array of clients means that Matti has to provide the very highest standard of service; this is achieved through a combination of versatile knowledge, patience, talent Estudio ROVIRA works predominantly as a consultant to general practice Law Firms, Solo Practitioners and In-House Corporate Counsels of public and closed corporations, those exclusively devoted to business and corporate governance laws and shareholders and/or corporate disputes. Dr Rovira explains that as the firm’s focus is in such a niche area, they wish to provide perspective to others working in this space. “We believe that we may contribute to discussions on this subject with an objective perspective, where we not only provide our opinions, but provide suggestions and recommendations on strategies that can be followed, in corporate disputes and/or complex litigation. The personalized service that we provide in this area is a key contributor to our success. This also applies when we act as expert witnesses on Argentine laws,” Dr. Rovira adds. “As we do not have a fixed supporting staff, instead choosing to retain assistances on a case by case basis (provided the client does not wish to make available their staff to assist) we are highly flexible when attending to the needs of our clients. This also allows us to provide a very reasonable and effective service in terms of costs, and ensures the inherent excellence that we pride ourselves on. For our clients, our service means avoiding and dedication to providing the very best service possible. Currently within the wider commercial law market, litigation and arbitration proceedings have increased and they are now more time and money consuming and complicated. The major challenges posed by this market are that proceedings are becoming too long and expensive. However, the opportunities include increasing conciliation, which Matti is keen to take advantage of moving forward as he seeks to build upon his current success. delegating these tasks to junior lawyers or building large teams who create large overheads and unduly raise the cost of services. Estudio ROVIRA´s spirit is based around the idea of effectively teaming up with our clients.” Dr. Rovira has had vast experience in the industry, practicing in one of the most reputable law firms in Argentina, where he managed the firm for more than 20 years without reducing his legal responsibilities. He is a recognised leader in the corporate governance and corporate disputes fields., where his vast experience is recognised when cases are presented to courts or arbitration panels under his patronage. Additionally, his partner at the firm, Magister Lencova, has been assistant professor to Dr. Rovira for more than 15 years, and truly understand his methods, making her able to assist effectively. Dr Lencova also boasts outstanding knowledge of politics and members of the Government, following her role as a member of the advisory staff of Senator Federico Pinedo, the third in succession to the President of Argentina. Over recent years Estudio ROVIRA has enjoyed exceptional success in their sector throughout their time in business, and Dr Rovira hopes this continues long into the future.

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