2017 Dispute Resolution Awards

10 Acquisition International - Dispute Resolution Awards 2017 international projects. Our clients are patrons for tunnels and railway networks, designers of sub- sea installations and process plant, contractors for buildings, power, utilities and oil & gas installations. Diales experts are there to support our clients with their projects, throughout the World, to resolve difficulties before completion or to assist in resolving disputes after completion. “Overall, we were delighted to have been nominated for this prestigious award and are overjoyed to have won it. Winning this award recognises the growth of our recently established Diales Technical offering, which now has experts in Architecture, Building Services, Construction, Contract Administration, Design & Build Contracting, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Oil & Gas Engineering, Project Management and Structural & Civil Engineering.” Technical disputes often involve an elaborate technical matrix of fact and opinion. Complex investigations, interrogation and interpretation of the cause and impact of various competing causes are required. Diales can provide experts across various technical disciplines ensuring a pre- requisite level and quality of industry experience, as Stuart concludes. “Ultimately, at Diales, our skills ensure delivery of concise reports that explain complex technical interactions in a clear and unambiguous manner. Our technical team are instructed on high profile international projects, investigating defects, interrogating documentation and identifying compliance breaches. Moving forward we will endeavour to continue to provide the very highest standard of service to our clients and ensure that they benefit fully from our wealth of expertise and knowledge.” Diales Technical undertake safety/construction incident investigations Diales Technical undertake forensic investigations and construction analysis

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