2020 Cyber Security Awards

Acquisition International - Cyber Security Awards 2020 3 ince their inception, White Hack Labs have helped companies assess the risk of being breached by conducting penetration test and vulnerability assessment. After their service is completed, their client’s cyber defences are improved and ready to face the challenges of modern world. Whether it be SaaS, mobile applications, websites, cloud, and blockchain or corporate infrastructure, White Hack Labs’ highly educated, trained, qualified technology team uses manual ingenuity, as well as automated vulnerability tools to discover "holes" in clients’ systems and create recommendations to help them secure their assets before anything malicious can happen. Alongside this, the firm also work globally to ensure that their clients are not in violation of data rules and regulations. They help SAAS companies assess their IT systems' ability to withstand a cyber-attack. White Hack Labs work with companies who store and process sensitive information: bank accounts, credit card numbers, PHI, PII. Their clients hire them because they need to protect their customers' data White Hack Labs engagement usually starts with a scoping call, where they evaluate the full scope of client's systems and the type of information their client stores and processes. Scope is extremely important not only for cost control, but also for setting boundaries of what White Hack Labs are allowed to touch during the penetration test. During the test, the team gather evidence of vulnerabilities and weaknesses by actively exploiting multiple attack vectors. This approach gives the clients a real world look at their Information Security posture. They then produce a report in which the team at White Hack Labs provide the risk rating recommendations on how each vulnerability can be remediated. After remediation is completed, the client hire the White Hack Labs again to re-test and validate that weaknesses have been addressed and no longer represent a threat to the client and their business. Using multiple customized, manual analysis techniques and the latest automation tools, White Hack Labs creates a security evaluation that offers assessment of risk. They are able to identify new vulnerabilities introduced by incremental code movement which is designed to provide clients with a constant, comprehensive, and efficient security testing coverage. Based in New York, White Hack Labs is on a mission to ensure that cyber-attacks are a thing of the past. With years of experience, knowledge and success secured safely under their belt, we decided to take a closer look at this award-winning firm to discover more about how they go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are well protected. Best Customer Data Protection Solutions Provider - Eastern USA S White Hack Labs constantly ask for feedback on their deliverables and the process in general. Clients hire them year after year and they strive to make the next year's assessment more thorough and insightful, while making the process smoother for the client. This constant improvement method is at the core of the company. One of the biggest challenges that Cyber-Security Industry faces right now is an abundance of information and educational content on cyber-security in general, but a lack of actionable insights that could be applied to a specific company. Companies desire to improve their information security posture, but due to the lack of actionable information they often leave out important steps or parts of their infrastructure susceptible to cyber threats. White Hack Labs addresses this challenge with their service offering and simply by sharing security advisories that pertain to their clients' systems in a newsletter and on social media. Security Research is at the forefront of their service. It sets the quality standard for their penetration tests. Each of their analysts keeping themselves up to date on the latest vulnerabilities and tools used by potential attackers. A large portion of their research revolves around cloud providers: AWS, Azure and GCP since that's where their clients host their systems. The employees at White Hack Labs company live to hack. Finding another way is at the core of what they do. They constantly question the established way of doing things not only when it concerns computers but in everyday life. Ultimately, White Hack Labs are growing together with cyber-security market and will be offering new services to their clients like 24/7 systems monitoring and incident response. Contact: Pasha Probiv Company: White Hack Labs Web Address: www.whitehacklabs.com

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