Cyber Security 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Cyber Security Awards 9 Name: Asif Sarangi Web Address: From its base in the heart of London, CSE Agency (Cyber Security Expert) commits to providing excellent and proactive IT security. To celebrate the firm’s success in this year’s Cyber Security Awards, we profile the firm and share an insight into the secrets behind its phenomenal success. CSE Agency (Cyber Security Expert) Company: CSE Agency (Cyber Security Expert) Name: Asif Sarangi Address: 111 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, London SW1W 0SR Telephone: 0203 900 2088 Web Address: SE Agency is the very latest expansion of IT & WEB Partner, a security expert firm founded by Asif Sarangi. Following months of research and hard work, a gap in the cyber industry was identified and Asif developed a 3-step methodology to minimise the risks of a data breach. The 3 steps in the methodology are: Identify, Protect and Comply. When providing this service to a client, the team at CSE Agency starts by checking the company’s implemented IT structure to look for potential flaws. The firm’s team strongly believe that they should find vulnerabilities in the security structure before cyber hackers do, to prevent the system being compromised. “Best SME Data Security Specialists 2019 - UK - CSE Agency” C Once this step is complete, the firm moves onto protecting the client’s business. CSE Agency’s protection strategies not only ensures that their client’s systems are safe but also complies with the Cyber Essentials; a UK Government Certification to help guard against the most common cyber threats. For the third and final step, the team shall comply by ensuring that both parties keep the protection measures and strategies implemented in place. 37% of businesses experience a breach at least once a month. This means that at any time where a business fails to comply with its security policy, it is at risk of being attacked. The team at CSE Agency aims to ensure that their clients are always protected. Through this unique process, CSE Agency tries to help their valued clients by identifying flaws within their current business and in its IT structure, showing them new ways to tackle them. The firm also has an emergency response team in case of a breach so that clients know that they are in safe hands when they work with this expert firm. Looking to the future, following the rise in cyber-attacks in the last year, CSE Agency expects another increase which makes it essential for businesses to be protected and ready. As such, the firm intends to start teaching their clients the different ways cyber hackers could reach their private data. Through this focus, the objective is for their clients to build greater amount of knowledge on cyber security so that they can work with the firm’s experts in protecting their business. Ultimately, moving forward, the core focus here for CSE Agency is to continue helping SMEs protect themselves against cyber-attacks. They want to continue building relations with people in and around the market, and potentially work with other firms to make sure they provide a service that is second to none.