Cyber Security 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Cyber Security Awards 5 Hitachi ID Systems Company: Hitachi ID Systems Name: Idan Shoham, CTO and Co-Founder Address: 500 - 1401 1 Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, T2G2J3, Canada Telephone Number: +1.403.233.0740 Web Address: In order to deliver on its fixed-price services, project deliverables must be clearly defined. For small projects, this is done at the outset based on preliminary discussions. For larger projects, the engagement is broken down into a series of phases, each of which has a fixed price determined at its start. The first step in every Hitachi ID Systems services engagement is to perform detailed discovery. Following on from this, the team work closely with their clients throughout every aspect of their project to ensure they achieve the solution they need and that it is implemented and set-up quickly and efficiently. Within the PAM space today, one of the interesting challenges organizations face is that while many products can capture the user's activity in terms of keylogging, and video capture, this sort of forensic audit is actually not very effective, because users can just upload a script, run it and delete it. While something will be captured in the forensic audit, what the user actually did is effectively hidden. Seeking to address this challenge, Hitachi is working on technologies to create more effective forensic audits, that clarify user activity that is not evident in keylogging and screen capture. Alongside this development, Hitachi ID systems is also constantly cross-pollinating capabilities between its products. For example, the firm’s PAM solution supports assigning temporary group membership, which originally comes from the IAM space. Its IAM products include auto-discovery of managed endpoints, which originates in PAM. Over the years ahead Hitachi ID Systems anticipates even more of this cross-pollination. For example, an effective vendor access management solution requires not just PAM, but also low-cost MFA for vendor staff and delegated create, update, delete and review access of vendor users. As such, the team are working to deliver that by leveraging both its IAM and PAM capabilities. "Ultimately, these exciting developments will definitely help us to drive Hitachi ID Systems towards its core mission: to deliver deployable and manageable identity, entitlement and credential governance solutions to its customers, to enable them to strengthen internal controls, harden network security, lower operating costs, improve user service and enable new business. The firm will now remain committed to achieving this and providing its clients with best-in-class solutions and industry- leading support and client service as it looks on towards a bright and prosperous future." Best for Privileged Identity Management Solutions 2019 & Most Innovative Identity Administration & Access Governance Product: Hitachi ID Identity Manager