Cyber Security 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Business Excellence Awards 25 Osirium launches first secure solution to automate key IT processes and increase IT Service Desk productivity, while also improving corporate security. Opus sets new benchmark in Privileged IT Process Automation sirium Technologies plc, is a leading vendor of cloud-based cybersecurity software, has recently announced the immediate availability of Opus, its secure IT Process Automation solution. Opus builds on Osirium’s already proven success in Privileged Task Automation, providing a highly-flexible platform for automating essential IT processes. The product has been designed to address currently unresolved challenges of overloaded IT teams, growing backlogs of customer requests and increasing needs to improve security. “Traditional ways of previosuly automating our IT processes are inflexible, risky and not fit for the security-conscious 21st century IT organisation,” said David Guyatt, CEO at Osirium. “IT Operations teams need a much better alternative, built from the ground-up, to O be fully secure and integrated for simple deployment and rapid speed to value. They want the benefits of Robotic Process Automation, but with enterprise-grade security. Opus then delivers this by automating processes and controlling access to privileged accounts, addressing one of most critical enterprise security challenges facing CISOs, to remove unnecessary direct access to vulnerable privileged accounts.” Initial customer projects for Osirium’s Opus are focused on IT Help Desks, principally transforming first call resolution performance by delegating help desk automation tasks to first line support teams – a practice typically known as “shift-left” operations. Looking further ahead, Osirium sees clear scope for automating additional process- driven environments, such as NetOps, DevOps and IoT.