Cyber Security 2019

20 Acquisition International - 2019 Cyber Security Awards Indegy is a NY based industrial cyber security company committed to protecting businesses, critical infrastructure and governments from cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error. We caught up with Michael Rothschild to find out more about the innovative solutions that the firm has to offer. Recognised Leaders in Industrial Cyber Security Protection 2019 - USA: Indegy stablished with a mission to protect the industrial and critical infrastructure networks, the Indegy team boasts a unique mix of cyber-security expertise with their hands-on industrial control knowhow. Today, the firm’s leadership and R&D teams comprise security, industrial operations and defense professionals, including several graduates of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) elite cyber security units. This is the foundation and spirit driving the company’s innovative technologies and market-leading industrial cyber security solutions. This expert team has delivered innovative technology that is unrivalled in today’s competitive cyber security market. The Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite arms security and operations teams with full visibility, security, and control of ICS activity and threats. Unparalleled, patented hybrid technologies combine policy-based monitoring and network anomaly detection with unique device integrity checks. Each solution is tailored to meet the individual specifications of each organisation, as Michael highlights. “When we first work with a new client, one of our biggest priorities is to spend time understanding the business and their operating paradigm. We never take the experience and knowledge we have from past interactions and apply them in a templated format to other clients. No two clients are alike and here at Indegy we aim to offer each and every client a bespoke solution tailored to meet their individual needs. “To ensure that they feel supported throughout the onboarding process and beyond we also make sure that we communicate regularly and in detail with the client both in the information gathering phase right through the deployment and even in the fine-tuning stage. We operate as one team to solve the biggest cyber security issues and that is only assured by proper scoping, expectations, deployment and fine-tuning.” Thanks to their unique capabilities, Indegy solutions are now installed in automotive, pharmaceutical, energy, water, electric and other industrial organizations worldwide. As a result of the success of this technology, Indegy also offers a range of additional services and solutions, which Michael outlines in detail. “Alongside our award-winning, pioneering technology, Indegy also offers a range of additional solutions, including training to help drive their clients to even greater success. After all, industrial Cybersecurity is a rapidly evolving field of expertise in many organizations. With the increasing adoption of IIoT, the convergence of IT and OT environments, and the growing frequency of OT security incidents, it’s not surprising that industrial organizations are now investing in their cybersecurity knowledge base. E “Whether clients have just deployed Indegy or are looking to further their expertise, Indegy Learning Paths provides the ICS security knowledge and hands-on skills they need to excel at their job. We offer a variety of different training options, catered to fit the requirements of business and technical functions within your organization. Many prospects wonder how to get their hands around Industrial Cyber Security. The Indegy Risk Assessment Service offers clear analysis and insights about an organization's cyber security posture and highlights potential vulnerabilities or threats that require attention. Using Indegy’s advanced network monitoring and device integrity technologies, our security risk assessment provides an in-depth analysis of the industrial environment, network behavior, asset inventory, alerts, configurations and risk posture. “The results of each Indegy's risk assessment are then delivered in a comprehensive report, which provides a fully detailed overview of the ICS network and its assets. This service enables clients to gain a deep understanding of all the risk factors within their network, so they can prioritize and operationalize mitigation steps and proactively address any potential threats.” Another key area of focus for the firm is offering IT/OT intelligence services, which Michael explores in more detail. “By utilizing our cybersecurity and OT expertise, we created a unique service offering based on the Indegy Industrial Cybersecurity Suite. Our Solution portfolio leverages those same proficiencies to ensure that clients are informed of vulnerabilities and threats that jeopardize their OT environment, and risks that traverse OT and IT networks. “Whether clients are looking for a long-term solution to manage security incidents or building an in-house IT/OT security team, Indegy Industrial Cyber Security Suite will help them to gain visibility, security and control of their industrial operations. Proactive monitoring across the security ecosystem maximizes investment value, while helping to balance outsourced expertise and in-house teams.” Looking to the future, Michael foresees even greater success for Indegy. “Moving forward, we will continue to evolve our products and services to meet customer requirements and address future security threats. As part of this focus we will continue to form the right partnerships to ensure 100% visibility, security and control across the entire IT and OT infrastructure for our clients. This will remain our ongoing focus in the years ahead as we continue to support organizations in an ever-evolving industrial threat landscape.” Company: Indegy Name: Michael Rothschild Address: 1460 Broadway, New York, NY 10036 Telephone Number: 1 (866) 801 5394 Web Address: