Cyber Security 2019

Acquisition International - 2019 Cyber Security Awards 13 Best Cloud Services Provider 2019 – UK & Cyber Security Innovators of the Year - UK Based in the heart of Surrey, Memset Ltd is the UK cloud services provider of choice. Having recognised the firm as part of this year’s Cyber Security Awards we profile it to find out more about how it came to be a leader in this competitive market. Company: Memset Ltd Name: Paul Jarvis / Richard Ripley Address: Unit 87 Dunsfold Park, Stovolds Hill Telephone Number: +44 (0) 1483 608 010 Web Address: ince its inception in 2002 Memset has been working alongside its customers to deliver exceptional service, robust security and leading-edge technology. Specialising in providing all customers with secure managed cloud infrastructure, the firm works alongside its customers from the very beginning to ensure they stay secure across all of their infrastructure, right down to their applications. To achieve this, Memset offers clients a wide range of cloud services including VPS, Dedicated Servers, IaaS for flexible cloud, storage and a comprehensive portfolio of managed services. Additionally, the firm works in partnership with leading cyber-security organisations to support its customer’s critical IT and assist in their GDPR, cyber- security and transition / transformation programmes. Across this vast service offering Memset offers transparent pricing and no hidden costs. As such, the firm has flourished over the years and remains a leader in the cloud services market. Today, Memset’s vast service offering helps drive it towards Memset achieving its mission: to be the cloud partner of choice by delivering trusted innovative and secure hosting solutions. The firm’s professional and talented team is dedicated to providing their customers with the exceptional standards of service and support they expect. S Aiming to offer each and every customer, no matter how large, the same quality service, Memset offers every one of its valued customers access to its award-winning support team, an account manager and a portfolio of services to secure their infrastructure. This high-quality service would be impossible without a dedicated team, and as such Memset works hard to cultivate a collaborative and supportive internal culture that promotes innovation. The firm’s leadership team have made themselves very approachable and will make time to talk to any of the staff. This allows all the staff to have a voice and means any issues are quickly resolved. The firm also has an open plan office that allows all the team to openly communicate and prevents the team from becoming isolated. As such, Memset is able to work as one team and drive for an outcome that puts the customers first. As part of its ongoing commitment to sustaining and enhancing its internal culture Memset is constantly working hard to make sure that middle management does not become a bottleneck as the company grows. The teams are all designed to ensure that staff feel able and willing to share ideas and contribute to providing customers with the cloud technology they need. Whilst supporting customers and providing them with cutting-edge cloud solutions is the core focus for Memset, the firm is also committed to driving awareness of the importance of cyber security. As part of this focus the firm works with customers of all sizes to educate them on the importance of secure infrastructure and network, and Memset’s expert team also provide guidance on how to do this so that customers feel supported and able to fully secure their technology. Seeking to build upon its current success, in the future Memset is looking to continue to grow on its security portfolio and many other complimentary services to ensure that all its valued customers can benefit from an end-to-end service. In conjunction the firm will also be looking to offer a security consultancy service to help upskill its customers, helping them to protect their infrastructure and business themselves and enhance their knowledge and awareness of the risks they face. These developments will ensure that Memset remains a leader in the cloud services space and continues to be at the forefront of emerging market developments.