Business Excellence Awards 2023

58 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 pledge to ourselves that whilst working hard, we would have some fun along the way, reward performance, and share our success with others. ‘Team’ is important to us which means working with people whose attitude and values fit with our unique team culture and values, who have the right level of motivation to succeed, who can perform in our working environment, and who have the ability to succeed in the job.” Ultimately, this is where Petaurum HR’s path is leading, its future defined by a continuation of the path it has established so far. Here, Adam concludes in his closing comments. “Our plans for 2023 are to drive further growth and help more clients achieve their own business goals by supporting them with the right advice at the right time. We also plan on further developing our team with the recruitment of more HR Advisers and hopefully an apprentice. Benefits Cloud will continue to flourish, and we’ll be aiming to diversify into the clubs and associations market. Finally, we’ll continue to support our charity partners through innovation, time, and sponsorship.” Company: Petaurum HR Name: Adam Davey, Co-Founder and Director Email: Web Address: Address: Langton House, Lindum Business Park, Station Road, North Hykeham, Lincoln LN6 3QX Telephone: 01522 719438 HR Consultancy of the Year 2023 - UK dam implicitly understands that succeeding in HR relies on building a robust reputation, along with a service that meets all expectations. No easy task, but it’s one that Petaurum HR has managed to fulfil time and time again. “Petaurum (Pet-or-um) is Latin for springboard and this encapsulates what we are about and what we want to achieve, providing all our clients with a springboard to move them towards their business goals,” Adam explains. “We provide the full breadth of HR services from large-scale transformation and consulting projects, one-off pieces of work for individual clients and the provision of straightforward HR advice and support to our retained clients. Our largest client has 27,000 employees and our smallest, just one!” There’s very little about Petaurum HR that is ‘by the books’ and cookie-cutter, indeed, the firm also developed its own employee benefits portal, Benefits Cloud [] that provides a simple to use and flexible platform for employees – and employers – to utilise.” All in all, it’s clear that when Adam states that “there are lots of HR providers out there, but there is no-one else who does HR the way we do”, it’s far from hyperbole. Petaurum HR has continued to drive towards best practices, and endeavouring to create a benchmark for others to follow. Whether it’s Benefits Cloud, or the work the team do alongside its charity partners, St Barnabas Hospice and SimPal – or everything in between. “It’s us, our team and the special relationships we develop with our clients that makes us unique. We don’t do vanilla. In our experience, business owners and directors don’t want bland, generic advice. We bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table to provide advice that is specifically tailored to their situation and the outcome they’re looking for. We also like to take a proactive approach to HR – much better to spend time creating solid foundations to set-up people for success, rather than waste time and effort trying to solve problems after they’ve arisen. This is captured in our 3Ps mantra – ‘Preventing People Problems’.” Now entering its second decade of operation, Petaurum HR is continuing its efforts to deliver innovative and intuitive best in class solutions for its clients, alongside ‘practicing what it preaches’ through the cultivation of its team and company culture, as Adam continues. “When we set up the business just over 10 years ago, we made a A Feb23176 Established just over ten years ago in 2012, Petaurum HR has become a standout feature on the greater landscape through its comprehensive approach to its work. Following the company’s well deserved success in our awards programme, we spoke with Co-Founder and Director, Adam Davey to find out more. “We enjoy working with people who share our values – Integrity, loyalty, team over individual, fairness, quality, and collaborative.”