Business Excellence Awards 2023

52 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 Feb23099 Best Family Leisure Club 2023 - Northern Virginia A place that lives up to its name, offering limitless experiences for every member of the family, and providing lasting connections that define a welcoming sense of belonging, International Country Club (International) is a world away and yet just moments from home. We find out more as the Club is recognised in the Business Excellence Awards 2023. ver six decades, 220 acres, and 45,000 square feet of casually refined clubhouse space, the sense of community remains constant. International Country Club is home to a shared dream, a mutual respect, a kindred spirit. Unfolding within a natural backdrop that feels a world away from the everyday, it’s a sight to see and a difference you can feel. International isn’t the same club it was when its doors first opened… it’s not even the same club it was three years ago. The $11.4 million realisation of spacious new interiors and resort-style amenities to the Clubhouse is just an example, and if that sounds appealing, you’ll love the championship golf course too. International hails from the golden age of ball flight. In 1961, as the newly inaugurated JFK was settling into the White House, a modest club debuted near the Fairfax-Chantilly line at Stringfellow Road, with 18 holes and a single one-storey structure that doubled as a pro shop and a snack bar. Because Dulles would soon connect Fairfax to the world, and because a person’s reach should always exceed their grasp, this country club upstart was christened International. Planning for plenty of runway was an early theme; the first nine holes played a prodigious 3,518 yards. Families soon found a foothold around the developing Fairfax and became a summer fixture at the newly fashioned swimming pool. A new clubhouse was raised, leagues were formed, champions were minted, and International’s legacy took flight. Today, new arrivals find International’s ideals on the same itinerary, and are welcomed by all who embark on this experience of a lifetime. Recently, International Country Club gained recognition in the Business Excellence Awards and was crowned with the prestigious title of Best Family Leisure Club 2023 - Northern Virginia, and it’s not hard to see why. The International calendar unfolds with endless engagements. Here, the staff firmly believe that first Thursdays bring live music, weekends begin with Happy Hours, no holiday is too small for a family photo opportunity, and patio cigars go better with Scotch. Men’s Nights and Ladies’ Thirsty Thursdays put a casual spin on the golf calendar, and throughout the courts and the Clubhouse, it’s reasonable to expect a tasting at nearly every turn. So why not take a look for yourself? You’ll be guaranteed a warm and friendly welcome at the starter, the preferred number of olives O in your martini, a wine recommendation suited to your taste. International Country Club is sure to win you over with the little things and a promise that they’ll add up quickly. You can leave your stress behind… International will take things from here. Contact Details Contact: Beatrice Santos Company: International Country Club Web Address: