Business Excellence Awards 2023

46 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 Ultimately, this is where the future of Ikonic lies, alongside driving for further growth and expansion, following an extraordinarily successful past couple of years. Guy takes a moment to discuss on all of this in his closing comments.”Ikonic have identified numerous growth opportunities across the UK and EU to develop its product range and leverage the recent enhanced infrastructure. Surpassing the £100m turnover mark in 2021 demonstrated our capacity for growth and this will continue with acquisitions supplemented with enlarged sales and purchasing teams ensuring we stock what customers need in the technology led culture we now all live in. “The circular economy is at the core of our Ikonic plans. The market for refurbished products has gained pace quickly. Ikonic are pleased to have invested significantly in recent years with more specialist staff and services like our new keyboard reprinting. As a larger business within the industry, we expect to lead the way, and we are. We have initiatives in place to lower our carbon footprint as well as looking at our processes in a bid to be Carbon Neutral by 2030.” Company: Ikonic Technology Ltd Name: Guy Woodcock Email: Web Address: Address: p16 Heywood Distribution Park, Pilsworth Road, Heywood, OL10 2TT Telephone: 01706 362 769 Most Trusted International IT Supplier 2023 - UK konic understands its position in the industry – it’s a leader in IT, and everything it does is in the interest of widening the gap from its competitors. Catering to the re-seller IT market, Ikonic has established a formidable reputation built on core values defined by a commitment to high-quality services and customer service, speed of delivery, and talent acquisition. Here, Guy explains how these values have reinforced the company’s position in this incredibly competitive industry. “Our core values mean that when customers deal with Ikonic they are working with a company that prioritises choice, speed of delivery, quality and a high level of customer service. To us, these are just the basics, but by doing these basics to a high standard we are able to elevate ourselves above the competition. “We differentiate ourselves by the level of stock we hold and the speed of delivery. Ikonic hold over £15 million of stock split across our distribution hubs in Greater Manchester and Frankfurt. This high level of stock means that we can ship from stock when our competitors will need to ship from a supplier. This translates into quicker delivery times compared to our competitors.” While three of Ikonic’s pillars seem standard for the greater market – at least those that are endeavouring to lead the pack - the focus on talent acquisition and company culture has proven to be crucial factor in its enduring success. “In a recent interview with staff the one word that was used repeatedly was that of family. The team feel appreciated and many of the team members spend their out of hours’ time socialising together,” Guy adds, before continuing to discuss the company’s recruitment policy and approach to talent cultivation. “The recruitment policy at Ikonic is a balance of bringing highly experienced industry professionals with bringing through young talent and training them up. Two examples of this policy are Ash, who joined Ikonic when we was 16 and straight out of school. She started off as an office assistant and worked her way up to the head of our sales admin and logistics team. The second example is Jake, he joined Ikonic on an apprenticeship scheme. He was so successful that within a few years he had become warehouse manager of Ikonic’s refurbished division.” While Ikonic has long been a pacesetter for the notoriously swift moving technology industry, it is now taking on initiatives to further its ongoing efforts towards sustainable business practices. “The IT industry is waking up to the fact that we are having a negative effect on the environment and that it is key for us as an industry to reverse this trend. This must go beyond just planting trees to offset a carbon footprint. It needs a focus on the circular economy, which is why we are seeing a trend developing of the purchase of Refurbished IT especially amongst schools and the public sector.” I Feb23015 Ikonic Technology Ltd (Ikonic) are distributors of high-quality IT Products from brands such as Lenovo, Dell, HP and Cisco. Following the company’s well-deserved success in the Business Excellence Awards, we spoke with Ikonic’s Guy Woodcock to find out more about the company’s achievements and growth.