Business Excellence Awards 2023

36 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2023 Feb23486 Most Trusted Health & Social Care Staffing Agency 2023 - UK In recent years, there has never been more of a demand for care staff that you can truly trust. Additionally, if you’re someone looking for reliable, quality work within your field, you may find yourself struggling to get your foot in the door, despite the demand. Thankfully, Lastminute Care & Nursing has developed a genius process that aims to settle all of these issues in one fell swoop. ince its establishment in 2014, Lastminute Care & Nursing has been granting specialist agency staffing services to both the care and social spheres. Over the 9 years since its inception, it has opened over 16 UK brances and is growing rapidy, it has also managed to supply an astonishing 2 million hours of care and support across the UK, all with one key goal in mind – to lend a helping hand to care providers and carers alike. With branches spanning across the UK, Lastminute Care & Nursing has already been able to provide over 3000 health and social care professionals throughout the country, resulting in consistent staffing levels for a multitude of varying care services. Be it one of the largest S care providers in the country, or small, independent operators, Lastminute Care & Nursing has deployed its expertise in order to deliver exceptionally high levels of customer service. This, in turn, creates a healthy working environment that’s constantly offering work opportunities to any who need it. Lastminute Care & Nursing understands better than any health and social care staffing agency throughout the UK the importance of offering staff who’re trustworthy, hardworking, and dedicated to their roles within their field. It guarantees quality, regardless of the client, and promotes an internal culture that fosters brilliance. When discussing how Lastminute Care & Nursing looks after its staff, one carer expressed how ‘‘Training is outstanding. Everyone is so helpful. This is a great company to work for with lots of hours. You’ll never struggle to get shifts!! Great people to work with! My work life balance is great!!’. It’s all thanks to this keen awareness of how to balance providing work for its staff, and ensuring a healthy lifestyle, that Lastminute Care & Nursing is able to provide carers who truly love their job and the roles that they undertake. Its management and principles encourage confidence within its staff, and ensures they always feel as though their needs are met. Providing exceptional care staff to care providers is at the heart of Lastminute Care & Nursing, and it does so with a prowess that’s truly impressive. With the care and social field being somewhat inconsistent following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s been more of a demand for a return to normality than ever before. And Lastminute Care & Nursing has placed itself at the forefront of guiding the health and social care sphere back towards its original mission – to present consistent care to those who need it the most. Its dedication towards reviving passion within health and social care field is inspiring, and it’s what allows Lastminute Care & Nursing to uphold a quality standard unlike any other. Regardless of your needs, Lastminute Care & Nursing will provide with an eagerness that’s unparalleled. It takes its role in the industry incredibly seriously, and this shines through its wealth of satisfied staff and content care providers. This extraordinary company is taking large strides towards restoring the field back to its former glory, and we look forward to seeing what they do next. Contact: Joseph Willis Company: Lastminute Care & Nursing Web Address: